Let’s kill Daredevil this time…


The carnage resulting from Magneto’s attack on the world continues to tear New York City apart as hero and civilian alike try and make sense of what is going on. Brian Michael Bendis continues to maim and kill those Ultimate characters we’ve come to enjoy, and while there may be some gut reaction from readers over these changes, no one is more affected than Peter Parker.  At least he makes a friend.

ultimatespiderman131cover.jpgWhat is a hero?  That’s a question J.Jonah Jameson has to ask himself as he and the surviving members of the Daily Bugle make their way to the emergency newsroom in New Jersey. Admit the confusion, J.J. has a bit of a breakdown and confesses to Joe Robertson that he’s been wrong all along about Spider-Man and whatever happens he’s  going to do everything in his power to clear Spidey’s name.

I think what makes a hero is not the cape or mask, but the willingness to do whatever it takes to help those in need.  While Spider-Man is doing his best to save those around him, it’s the actions of the civilians trying to make sense of what has become of their city  that makes a compelling story.  We’ve seen World War Hulk: Frontline, and Secret Frontline, and while I didn’t care for those mini-series, I think I might like to see whatUltimatum: Frontline would look like.  Readers get a glimpse of this from J.J.’s point of view, and there’s also another moment where Aunt May and Spider-Woman have a nice exchange as May is put in a safe place while Jessica goes in search of her clone.

Peter is doing the best he can, but as last issue ended, he’s got a much bigger problem — the Hulk.  Peter does get through to the gray hulking mass, who appears to be in shock himself, and the duo go about helping as many people as they can.  During a down moment, Bruce Banner appears, just as Spider-Man discovers the dead body of Matt Murdock.

Banner, believing he is responsible for the destruction begs Peter to kill him.  This is rather interesting as it was the Hulk that killed Peter’s parents.  Since Banner has no idea it is Peter under the mask, I wonder if he would see his plea for death as an act of retribution?  Peter isn’t about to kill anyone, and as Banner gets more worked up, he turns back into the Hulk, only this time he’s the angry, rampaging Hulk, and not the docile child he was moments before.

Peter flees, and winds up just outside the home of Doctor Strange.  The Hulk, in hot persuit, flings a taxi at Peter, which smashes though the Sanctum Sanctorum, breaking the magical seal that is keeping all the demons and nasties contained inside.  If Magneto’s actions didn’t bring Hell to Earth, the Hulk smashing the seal certainly does.

I’m curious what is going to happen when Marvel does a soft reboot of the Ultimate Universe.  Hopefully it will be a series that new readers can jump on, and hopefully Peter Parker will still be Spider-Man.  With all the death and destruction, and with more and more Ultimate characters getting killed, the new universe is going to be a very different one.

Stuart immonen only has a few issues left in this series, and he will be sorely missed, as I’ve come to enjoy his art style very much.  His ability to bring out the emotion in J. Jonah Jameson is just as good as his ability to make the Hulk look like a lost child.

This was another spectacular issue — it’s really amazing to see what Bendis is doing with the Spider-Man family.  While I may not be following every single moment of the Ultimatum event, I’m really digging the Ultimate Spider-Man story being told here.  Ultimate Spider-Man #131 is a good issue, and earns 4 out of 5 Stars.



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