(San Diego, CA; February 26, 2009) — It’s a union based on super powers, learning your place in the world, and danger!

In this latest collection of stories from the mind and pen of John Byrne, IDW packs two time-lost series together—Danger Unlimited and Babe.

First up is the four-part Danger Unlimited, the first universe and characters Byrne created after leaving Marvel. In DU, the year is 2061, and long ago alien forces conquered the Earth, making sure to eradicate all humans with super powers to ensure their continued reign over the planet. But an unexpected survivor from the past, and the powers he possesses, soon proves to be the catalyst needed to wretch control away from the invaders.

The super group Danger Unlimited is reborn, but their tale is far from over.

byrne.jpgJumping to the six-part Babe story, interstellar powers are conspiring for universal domination when a traitor within their ranks causes a massive explosion of energy. Troublesome for the warring alien factions, the dispersed energy beams are especially disrupting to five women traveling aboard an airplane that is struck by the beams. In that moment, five separate women are fused together to become one—Babe!

With no understanding of what events “made” her, or even that anything uncommon has transpired, the gorgeous (and quite nude) Babe turns up on an open road during a rainy night. Lucky for her, she’s discovered by Ralph Rowen, theatrical agent, who deposits her at the police station. But the next day Rowen discovers in the newspaper that his chief competitor, Gideon Longshadow, has “reclaimed” the missing starlet. And that’s how the adventures of Babe begin. How they end involves underground sentient alligators, interstellar wizards, and a heap of friends

Babe makes along the way, some of which will be familiar to fans of other former Legend titles. Oh, and we can’t forget Danger Unlimited, who make a special appearance at the end of Babe.

All in all, this full-color, 244 TPB does what no other book could do before—bring all of John Byrne’s Danger Unlimited action together for the first time ever!

TPB • $19.99 • 244 pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-363-6 • In stores March 4, 2009

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