Fox Television is close to giving the DC Comic series Human Target the television treatment as it begins to announce the pilots for the new television season.

Based on the cult DC Comics book and written by “Jericho” co-creator Jonathan Steinberg, it centers on a mysterious security expert who goes undercover to protect clients in danger.

Will admit I’ve never read the comic, but the premise doesn’t sound any worse than other shows Fox has greenlit.  Prison Break anyone?
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  1. Um…this has all ready been done for tv. Rick Springfield…and your right about the concept being sound but will audiences watch week after week [staying loyal] in order to allow the show to BUILD? Will the network wait around for a spark to ignite? They didn’t last time….

  2. ABC tried this one time before, with RICK SPRINGFIELD~! as the Human Target, Christopher Chance. I hope this time it actually takes off… The premise is pretty good, at least for translation to teevee.

  3. The recent comic series by Peter Milligan was excellent, but somehow I’m doubting that the tv series will be able to “get” the head trip that was the series.

  4. Slightly off-topic… Okay, a lot off-topic, and I’m not really “caring” all that much, but I am curious… When I posted what I posted, nobody else had commented on this. Now somehow I got bumped to #2 and therefore it seems like I’m just parroting the first guy… whatsupwitdat? Unless somebody tweaked their pc clock to be “in the past”, but, like, that’s a lot of trouble for somebody to go to just to be “FIRSTPOSTWOOO!”. Anywhich, I’m all done being curious. :)

  5. OOOOooooooohhhh.. :) Thanks for ‘splaining, Lu…Er, Stephen. :D I actually didn’t know y’all modded these things. You have done killed this cat’s curiosity. And since I’m being all misty-eyed and stuff, you guys RULE. If not for this place, I honestly would not have re-started reading comics. So, like, I didn’t wanna seems bitchy with my previous post. I appreciate and respect everybody here, from the staff to my fellow commenters. :)

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