Negotiations with Sam Jackson’s people and Marvel Studios doesn’t look like it is going too well.  Mr. Jackson did an interview with the LA Times where he explained his position, and why he may not don the eye patch in upcoming Marvel movies.

“There was a huge kind of negotiation that broke down. I don’t know. Maybe I won’t be Nick Fury. Maybe somebody else will be Nick Fury or maybe Nick Fury won’t be in it. There seems to be an economic crisis in the Marvel Comics world so [they’re saying to me], ‘We’re not making that deal.'”

Economic crisis with Marvel Comics?  I wonder if he is referring to the around the block lines of people who are lining up to buy the Obama/Spider-Man issue that debuts today, or if he is referring to the millions of dollars the first Iron Man movie brought in.  Marvel Studios is in no way connected Lionsgate, who produced and distributed The Spirit, and from what I remember the company’s bottom line looked good during the last reporting period.

Perhaps the economic crisis Nick Fury is talking about is someone wanting to be cheap.  That kind of hardball negotiations didn’t work with Jon Favreau, so I expect this statement is some hardball pushing back on the part of Jackson.

What say you Major Spoilerites?  Would you rather Marvel spend the money on Sam Jackson, or go the cheap route and bring back The Hoff?


via LA Times


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  1. Nick Fury is white. I’m not racist, but I’m used to the original Nick Fury, not the Ultimate one. Not The Hoff of course, but someone else.

  2. Why not go with the 3rd choice and bring in some no-name actor who can actually act? Don’t get me wrong, I like Samuel Jackson but I think he’s a little over-the-top and cheesy at times, especially now that he seems to appear in every other movie. I’d prefer some brilliant character actor like Mr. Blue in the Hulk, only different.

  3. josh has hit it on the point. Kurt Russell would be a great choice to be Nick Fury. Just have him be Snake Plisken with a bit more military assholeness

  4. First of all I think they went with SLJ because of the fact that in the “Ultimate” series Nick Fury look was based off of SLJ. Nuff Said about Nick Fury is white. And I think SLJ will do it… he’s just trying to hard ball Marvel for more money.

  5. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Heh, I remember seeing Hoff Fury in that TV movie. IIRC, he wasn’t actually all that bad, although the movie itself was horrible

  6. Too bad the Hoff is a drunken parody of himself these days. Kurt Russell is the best choice, in my opinion.

    Imagine him a navy blue SHIELD uniform, barking orders from the command deck of the Helicarrier. :)

  7. I say at least keep him black… MY main reason would be that that’s just the way he was introduced in the marvel movie universe. I personally would have had no problems with sammy j. wearing the eye-patch.

  8. Who cares. Howard’s already out for Cheadle as Rhodey

    I wouldnt be surprised if Downey gets replaced by Mickey Rourke at this point

  9. Race of the actor doesnt really matter to me. As long as the part is played well.

    Cant we all just get along? :)

    And if the Marvel Movie U is based the Ultimate U Ironman would be painted blue. I know what you mean, I’m just saying, Ultimate Ironman’s Origins are really really weird.

  10. Get another actor to play him if need be, use the disguise excuse. My pick if they don’t use SLJ is Laurence Fishburn or Avery Brooks.

  11. On one hand they should just dish out the money. I mean c’mon IM was a runaway success so we all know the sequel and subsequent spin offs are going to have the budget. On the other hand, Samuel L. (if his demands aren’t reasonable for his usual take) should reallly look at the fanbase on this one and should take the cut.

  12. Screw Samuel Jackson….He wants more money well DO NOT give it to him….the reason why is as an EXAMPLE. If the studios bow to him then what about the other actors when they start wanting more $$$$$. How much do you think Avengers 2 will cost with all these “big name” actors? The studios wont even want to produce it or will cut corners to save money, and us fans are left with just another CRAPPY comic book movie.

    The movie can be made without him….first scene Maria Hill meets with Tony Stark and tells him that Nick Fury is dead…blown up on a hellacarrier? in his home? something where the body was unrecoverable (still open for Nick Fury to come back, because who is really dead in comic books? and open for Samual Jackson to come in on the 2nd or 3rd movie to play Nick Fury if he wants) and now that Nick Fury is dead project Avengers must be priority….or something of that nature….inanycase howeve I believe a good Avengers movie can be made without Samuel Jackson or the Character Nick Fury…just as long as the mention him a couple times in the movie….

    any thoughts ?

  13. @Gaumer

    Race isn’t really the issue. It’s keeping a consistant image that you’ve established in the universe. I mean, there’s a reason why they can’t replace Tobey Maguire with Jamie Foxx in the next Spider-man movie.

    And something else as an aside, If Jackson’s not gonna be in the movie what was the freakin’ point of building up the hype for him in the first place?

  14. I think SLJ is just trying to smoke out Marvel, get the fanboys to react … forcing Marvel Studio’s hand to fork over more money.

    But if I’m sure of anything, it’s that Kurt Russell looks awesome in an eye patch.

  15. First of all, Kurt Russell might look good in an eye patch but he hasn’t done a blockbuster good movie… ever. His acting ability is weak. He plays the same character in every movie. Nick Fury is the kind of character that needs a charisma that Russell doesn’t have. And there aren’t many people with more charisma and screen presence than SLJ.

    Secondly, if you read the interview in the LA Times and some of the interviews that have been done it sounds like there was an original contract with Marvel Studios for SLJ to do the cameo in Iron Man, and a first right of refusal for Iron Man 2 for a particular price. And now Marvel Studios is approaching SLJ with a smaller contract than was offered originally and using the economy as an excuse.

    I think this is all just some posturing and negotiating from both sides. In the end, IMO, SLJ will be Nick Fury.

    • @morpheus: You sir have never seen the Computer that Wore Tennis Shoes – BRILLIANT ACTING! Not to mention that other movie he did where he wound up getting into trouble while helping friends in San Francisco’s Little China… what was the name of that one? ;)

      • You kidding me? Kurt’s explicitly played Fury’s personality in a number of movies. Soldier, Escape from New York, Escape from LA…Kurt is the epitome of the male actor badass. Perfecdt for the Fury role. I don’t blame them for going with Jackson, but I’ve always been a huge Kurt fan!

        Big Trouble in Little China is still one of my faves. :)

  16. @ Julian

    Thats the double edged sword right?

    Marvel wants to build up an idea but they dont get a contract right then because what if the first ironman fails? Then they get a hold out like SLJ.

    I think the audience (I hope the audience) would be smart enough to figure everything out if they did change actors.

    And they could put Jaimie Foxx in as the Crimson Spider. Although the clone thing would be kind of weird to explain.

  17. Personally I hate inconsistencies. However, Jackson was in one small clip, at the end of the credits of Iron Man no less. You can easily reshoot that segment if you want. And it’s not like there hasn’t been a recast to replace Terrence Howard already anyway and he played an even bigger part (not that I thought he looked the part of Jim anyway).

  18. I agree with Kirby and not just because Laurence Fishburn is my wifes’ cousin. I think both L.Fishburn or Avery Brooks are great alternative choices. Especially Brooks; his character “Hawk” on the tv shows “Spenser For Hire” & “A Man Called Hawk” was tight. And they both, Fish and Brooks, have that laid back “I’ll kick ya ass” persona. Although Samuel L. does brings intensity to each role he plays. U-NO! Now that I really think about it either of these three great actors is a great choice for this part. Any comments?

  19. Oh yeah! They’re going to replace T. Howard as Rhodey with Don Cheadle. I didn’t know there was talk of a new actor for the part of Rhodey. But I will say this Don is truly a terrific actor and is probably the most slept on actors in the business. When I first saw him in “Colors” I thought he was really one of my homies; I had no idea he was an actor until years later.

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