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  1. Dr. Manhattan because he barelly think about doing something and it’s done.

    but then again, he’s a bit mentally unstable, he might get bored from the fight and go away, leaving The Atom as a winner by default.

    bah, Dr. Manhattan

  2. Couldn’t Atom just absorb Doc to death? Captain Atom can absorb energy and Doc is mostly energy.

    Then again Doc is based on Captain Atom and is basically the same guy so a tie maybe?

  3. Capt. Atom mainly because of his days in the JLI as leader of the Europe Branch. Even if there was serious mullet.

    “I should start smoking just so I can quit!”

  4. Manhattan cant be beaten by any conventional means and his powers basically include….i can do anything and then some. Manhattans only weakness is “awesome” this strange particle is not highly concentrated in Captain Atom making him no threat at all.

  5. @rodrigo

    there’s no doubt about it. you should put up a poll, chuck norris against anybody, i’m sure norris will win at 100%

  6. A single Chuck Norris roundhouse kick could power 10 Dr. Manhattans and at least two dozen Captain Atoms for 50 years.

    Oh, Manhattan.

  7. Why even bother having the poll? Dr. Manhattan ALL THE WAY, BABY!

    1. He’s Naked and Blue

    2. Alan Moore writes his dialog

    3. He has a symbolic Hydrogen Atom on his forehead

    4. His girlfriend is the Silk Spectre

    5. Atomizing people with just a point

  8. I’m going to go against the grain here, and vote for Captain Atom. Obviously, Dr. Manhattan is more powerful, but the poll mentions nothing of Silk Spectre there to convince him to fight.

    Captain Atom FTW!

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