Frank Miller’s take on Will Eisner’s The Spirit was much hyped and ballyhooed across all forms of media leading up to the big Christmas day release.  With that much publicity, it must have done gangbusters at the box office, right?

Turns out, The Spirit has only made $10.3 million since its debut, placing it firmly at the number nine spot for the week.  Yikes!  Movies like Yes Man and The Day the Earth Stood Still, which have been out for a couple of weeks, still did better over the weekend than Frank Miller’s flick.

I didn’t see it, did you?   I’m sure the Interweb Nets and early reviews did nothing to help this movie along, but perhaps it will do better in the the home rental market.


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    • I think that’s possibly the funniest, most concise, and to-the-point movie review I’ve ever seen. I may have to adopt it for myself, always, of course, giving credit to “thatguy.” Thanks man, you made 7 people watching the movie almost piss their pants laughing.

  1. Good because I hate Frank Miller. I think a lot people that saw the ads.
    That are not into comics where thinking it was a want be Sin City.

    I don’t want to see this film because Miller just raped the magic that was Will Eisner.

  2. This is disapoointing news. I am a big fan of both Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johanson. Such fine…actresses…deserve to be in something that shows the public their…assets…in a positive light.

    For those who don’t know, check out Woody Allen’s “Match Point”. It has nothing to do with comic books, but aside from being a suprisingly good thriller (who knew Woody had it in him?), Scarlett just scorches the screen.

  3. A friend of mine was telling me yesterday that it did worse than the latest Punisher movie, which was pulled after 2 1/2 weeks.

  4. I read bad review after bad review so I stayed away from this movie. And yet, with such bad word of mouth I am a little curious. Maybe it’s so bad it’s funny? I’ll wait until I can get it on Netflix.

  5. I’m not an Eisner or Spirit fan at all but even I felt that the ads and trailers were an insult. Maybe this is a lesson that misogyny (sp?) and unsubtle storytelling are on their way out, at least when used in tandem?

  6. One of my friends is a manager at a local theater here, so my friends where able to watch it for free.

    I’m not sure if it was because some of us where tired, or if it was just my group, but we where laughing the entire time. Really though, I think it was more of how watching it you knew that everyone involved was having a great time making it.

    True, it was marketed poorly… the trailers and ads made it seem like a very diffrent kind of movie, but at the same time, in the end… I enjoyed my time watching it.

  7. Movies that bad aren’t supposed to look that good.

    And Spirit (comic) fans, did anyone else notice that Miller gave the Spirit a super power when it’s pretty well documented that the Spirit has no super powers?

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