We’ve some really amazing fan films, but this one goes way over the top.  The people at WormyT have spent a great deal of time culling clips from some great action films (Hugh Jackman from X-Men for example), and cat-ized each clip with a bunch of rotoscoping and CGI enhancements.  The result?  I pretty believable Thundercats trailer that will probably get the Interweb Nets all a twitter over the next couple of weeks over the possibility of a real Thundercats movie.


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  1. I wasnt around in the 80s (And boy am i glad i wasnt) so i gotta wonder…Is the thundercats regarded as haha thats horrible good or haha way over the top awesomness Transformers good…Because Giant robots im in…Catmen from space O_o no just no.

    Maybe im just weird for liking TMNT but never in bazillion years wanting to see this come back in cartoon or live action form.

    I just shudder at that trailer and i wonder who would spend so much time making it.

  2. I love the Thundercats but I don’t want a Thundercats film. I just want a box set. That’s not like $300.

    I want then to make the Thundercats toys one more time. I miss those
    I just to have a Thundercats logo decal on my old macbook.

    thunder thunder thundercatssssssss

  3. Thundercats were cool. Kind of in the He-man vein.
    Lion-O = He-Man
    Cheetara = Teela
    Panthro = Man at Arms etc…
    The animation was much better and Jaga died in the first episode only to start an Obi-Wan relationship with Lion-O Luke.
    There were the increasing number of villains and vehicals to fill the toy line, but the Rankin and Bass animation as akin to the Last Unicorn as were many of the voices.
    It is worth the netflix rental.

  4. I just think it is incredible how good that trailer looks. I liked going through and picking out where scenes were taken from other movies.

    Honestly, I would love for there to be a Thundercats movie, but I would be happy with a straight to DVD animated movie. =) I grew up on Thundercats and Silverhawks. Yes, they were cheesy, but they were a lot of fun.

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