This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the crew of Matthew, Rodrigo, and Stephen take a look at one of the most popular web comics out there – Order of the Stick.

From the Wiki

The Order of the Stick (OOTS) is a comedic webcomic that satirizes tabletop roleplaying games and medieval fantasy through the ongoing tale of the titular fellowship of heroes. The comic is written and illustrated by Rich Burlew, who creates the comic in a colorful stick figure style.

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  1. OOTS is awesome. i have the first book signed because i was one of the first 100 to order it and got a fridge magnet with my last one.

    i think it’s great you’re talking about this.

  2. OOTS is my favourite webcomic. It has everything I’m looking for in one:

    – It is updated regularly (but not so often that you are overwhelmed by it)
    – It has interesting characters, ongoing story arcs and character development
    – It is funny and smart
    – It is sometimes even quite deep
    – Although the artwork is stick figures, Burlew clearly knows how to use his art to the fullest extent (composition of pages, lighting (at times), size of shots; he even did some ‘historic flashbacks’ in a different artstyle)

    I don’t play D&D (I play other RPGs, though) and it still is funny to me.

    Sadly, I don’t own a trade paperback yet, since I don’t live in the US and can’t get one for a reasonable price.

  3. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Agreed with the last post. I love OOTS, though my D&D experience is limited to some computer games based on it. Between OOTS, the old DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids, there’s plenty of RPG-teasing fun in webcomics.

  4. I’ve been following OOTS for a long time now, and it’s been so consistent with high quality. It even has the same original overaching plot: Kill the lich. It’s kind of refreshing.

    Belkar’s recent revelation has been fun, faking character development to be more evil!

  5. Please sirs take note of my comments regarding Skrull vs. Dominator.

    Not only were the Dominators patient enough to wait 1000 years to take over the planet, they left a ail safe and blew the planet up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Goooooooooooooooooood!!
    They did mastermind the invasion of the late 80’s which in opinion has been one of the best crossover events ever. Three very large issues of a general story but not so convoluted so that you would need a secret invasion decoder ring to find out what was going on in ny of your favorite titles.
    Continuity and consistancy were at an all time high and very well organized. While things did change while, this event was more about the story than leading up to the next event.
    This series also set up what a meta-human was and let the DC universe know that the metagene did exist.
    There were a few spin off books were actually decent. Legion 89 being my favorite of the group.

    Until Yoko Ono becomes a Skrull and not the her know her to be Make Mine Major spoilers!!!

  6. Order of the stick is one the 3 stick webcomics that can still be considered funny, and one of the very select webcomics that can take on an such an epic story line.

    The over arching story is an easy wow, and what Burley lacks in heavilly detailed art, he more than makes up for with great dialogue and hilarious characters that are easy to get attached to.

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