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  1. Hey guys! Remember how much that Street Fighter movie had to do with the game story? Well, guess what? This is the same thing except they’re doing it with Dragon Ball.

    It look to me like the producers just tacked on the name and a few cosmetic changes to make it sell. Comic book editors take note since you like to copy the same bad habits. :p

  2. Now, I’m not a Dragonball fan by any means but I’ve seen an episode or two and wow … this looks horrendous. I know Transformers fans were pissed with the whole “Flames on Optimus” thing, but Fox effectively cornholed the source material. Ridiculous.

  3. I figured as much… there’s just no way to make a live action movie even remotely close to the original material. Hopefully, just like Wanted, this will still be fun to watch despise the re-invention.

  4. Seven mystics made the dragonballs?

    Why is Piccolo pale?

    So Grandpa Gohan is alive…

    … I want to cry… but tears for such a bad movie would give it credibility… so no. Just no…

  5. Hm….yeah….the heart of the comic fan cries out loud…I mean there were time I loved Dragonball…

    But yeah….a movie as close as possible to the source would suck…that movie could be funny trash

  6. Could you imagine if the movie was exactly like the anime? Fanboys would all say it was awesome. However, beyond fanboy appeal what would it have? I think the story had to be retooled in order to make sense and money. I have watched DB, DBZ, and DBGT; I find it hard to believe that the mythology of the series would have any appeal to the masses. If it did have that kind of pull we would have seen more of a ratings boom when the series was airing in the states…. I for one am not willing to pay for a ticket to a movie that I know everything that is going to happen.

  7. Then why uncreatively use the Dragonball franchise in the first place?

    Doing these changes just mean:

    -The original fans won’t be happy because so much is unfaithful to the original.

    -The new fans (from the movie) won’t be happy because when they look into the original source, it’s totally different.

    If they just made their own original concept, then it wouldn’t make anyone angry… heck, it might even gain fans because people would start saying how “wow, this movie is just like Dragonball” or something.

    Oh well… no need to think too much about it. Even the Anime DBZ movies didn’t follow the canon… so who am I to complain :P

  8. I think everyone is missing the point. “not close enough to the original cartoon”?? i dont want to watch a live action movie that’s exactly like the cartoon. then it would be for kids, rated G – just like the cartoon! that’s gay as hell!!! who wants to watch roshi as an old hunched over man with a turtle on his back. CHEESY!!! yeah, i know it was the original, but they definitly did a good job putting a ‘real’ touch on it. more for an older croud. im pumped to see this film.

  9. Yeah i dont care if i already know what will happen at least theres an american version of the dbz m0vie hell chinas version sucked anas im just going to go see this movie cuz the visual graphics looks incredible it wouldnt hurt one bit for u people to go see it hell just imagine part 2 of the m0vie how amazing will it look seeing goku getting his ass whooped by the other sayains and btw the m0vie is rated pg n0t even pg13 i already seen the commercial for it i might just get the m0vie b0otlegged from my weed connect

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