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  1. Baker’s is the face I always associate with the good Doctor when I look back. I remember MPT (that’s “Maryland Public Television”, a Public Broadcasting Station affiliate) running hours and hours of Dr. Who at night, usually all the way through to the early morning on weekends. I had a 13″ black & white television, with rabbit ears no less, and I can clearly remember sitting up late at night as a youngster watching the Baker episodes. Great memories.

  2. Patrick Troughton works for me. I like many of the others, but the clown is a decent template for some of what David Tennant is doing now. He really perfected the technique of talking to to his enemies and confusing them as a stalling tactic while he works out the day saving plan.

  3. I’m wondering who would win if you took the current Doctor out of the vote. I understand a love for Tennant but I’m sure some portion of the voting can be attributed to his being the current face of Who…

  4. Personally I have always felt that Colin Baker was much better than the material he worked with and in the end wasn’t really given long enough to really to make the doctor his own in the same way that Sylvester McCoy did or even Peter Davison. That was as a era that the BBC didn’t give any of the actors much of the chance. Otherwise I’m sure all 3 would have stayed on the show longer. But I pick Colin Baker if for no other reason “The Two Doctors” is still my favorite multi-doctor episode.

  5. I voted for because Dave Tennant is hot and it works as a way of talking my friends into watching Doctor Who with me.
    Me: “C’mon, Doctor Who is on.”
    Friend: “No… it’s just some boring sci-fi.”
    Me: “It’s not boring. It’s funny, well-made, awesome and the main character is smokin’ hot.”
    Friend: “I guess.”

    My second vote would have gone to Christopher Eccleston because he was my first Doctor. :-)

  6. i agree that Tennant and Eccleston should be out of the fight, because they are so fresh in our memory.

    but i stand by my vote of peter davison. anybody saw the Children in Need special featuring him and Tennant. they meet in the TARDIS and it’s hilarious. it’s a 7 minutes scene, a special they do every year around the time of the annual christmas invasion. search the torrents, i’m sure you’ll find it.

  7. I really wish they had done a whole episode with Davison and Tennant is been to long since we have seen a who with more than one version of the doctor in it and Davison has aged very gracefully.

  8. Well, I’m a weirdo, so I voted for Sylvester McCoy. I always loved the fact that he was so goofy and clownish, but then, when no one was looking, there was the glint of something more, often something unsettling, that was lurking underneath. “The Happiness Patrol” was, overall, a fairly crappy serial, but I will always love it for the scene where SM terrifies an assassin into surrendering by insisting that the assassin shoot him.

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