Well this can’t be good if it is true. Newsarama is reporting Robin, Nightwing, and Birds of Prey will all be ending their series in February 2009.  Is this because of the Morrison RIP Batman title, or something else?  It can’t be sales, because Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and many other titles sell a lot fewer issues than these big supporting Batman tie-ins titles.

If the rumors of Robin being somehow behind R.I.P., that could explain why Chuck Dixon left the series in a very bizarre fashion, and why the Robin series may be coming to an end.  Nightwing ended up on the operating table in Batman #680, awaiting a lobotomy, so that could point to an end there.  Joker makes a return appearance in Birds of Prey, but I doubt DC would be foolish enough to carry the current storyline out for another three months just to see the torture of Barbara Gordon.  Of course if Batman #666 is any clue, Barbara does eventually become commissioner of Gotham City, so that could be an out for this series as well.

The three series – coincidentally all originally written by Chuck Dixon, fleshed out the world of Batman in the comics, showcasing the original Robin, Dick Grayson, as Nightwing, Tim Drake as Robin and Barbra Gordon in Birds of Prey.

Sounds like DC may be lashing out at Dixon on this one…

Is everything Morrison’s doing?  Will fans react in favor or opposition to these changes if DC has really drunk the Morrison Kool-aid?

Is this the end of all good things Batman, or will we see these series relaunch with new number ones in a few months?

It’s so bizarre…

Robin #183, Nightwing #153, and Birds of Prey #127 will end the Batman-related titles era, leaving only Batman and Detective Comics carrying on DC (and Warner Bros.) top selling property.

Sigh, it’s times like these that make me glad I’m reading more and more indie titles, and why I like what Frank Miller is doing in All-Star Batman and Robin.  Don’t let this ruin your day completely, as we all now reboots are just around the corner following the Battle for the Cowl storyline.

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  1. I’m guessing they’ll be reborn as new titles. We know either Hush, Jason Tod or Nightwing will be the new Batman (if the “I am Batman” pins are true). So Nightwing might come to an end if Grayson becomes Batman, then we have Robin who has realise that Gotham can’t survive without it’s Knight and is contemplating taking his “father’s” mantle… saying that Robin and Nightwing will be cancelled keeps a good guessing game as to which (if any) of these two will pick the cape and pointy ears.

    Birds of Prey was one my prefered series, but this “Platinum Flats” story arc is killing it and Black Canary leaving the regular cast doesn’t help. My guess is that “Nightwing” will become “Batman”, Robin will become “Robin & Spoiler” and BoP will be reborn with a new name.

  2. I may not read Batman titles, but this really is not fair to any of the writers of the spin-offs. I mean say Grant Morrison wanted all DC titles to be cancelled, and then reborn under his direct supervision would they do it?

  3. I’ve gotta believe that they’re all, or at least most, going to be relaunched as #1s. Then again, I’ve had a few drinks tonight with my dinner.

  4. in one of Rich Johnson’s LiTG colums (too lazy to find it) he said that there would be *spoilers*

    two new Batman titles: Batman and Robin (which may or may not have Mark Bagley as artist) and Red Robin. Also, that the new Batman would be Dick Grayson, Robin would be Damien Wayne and Red Robin of course would be Jason Todd. My guess is that these two titles will replace Robin and Nightwing, but I’m not sure why BoP is getting chopped. My guess is that it’s the only one of the three that actually has to do with sales.

  5. Well, what does this mean for Bruce Wayne and the JLA. Is Batman not going to be in the JLA anymore is that the only place he is going to be or just with the Outsiders? I am glad I discovered Birds of Prey, but I am also glad that I have only collected it in trade paper back format. This is where most of my collecting is going. I am not and can not continue to dish out 4.00$ per book for something that is a third ads. I hope DC reads sites like this, because it is too hard to get something to them otherwise. I can wait for the trade to come out. I just wonder what will happen to the members of Birds of Prey now. Where will they go? Dont expect me to collect it if it comes back as number one. The only reason I started it was because of Black Canary, and I continued it because of Gail Simone. DC needs to get things correct or I wont be collecting anymore. Are you listening DC?

  6. Brian McQueary on

    Well, thanks DC for saving me $9. I’ve already dropped most of my Marvel titles and will not pick these up if rebooted. I guess my time as a comic reader/collector is coming to a close.

  7. I think it is by coincidence that dixon’s DC titles are getting canned. Although all three titles are pretty good, it might be a good thing that DC’s cleaning house. DC can still showcase Robin, Nightwing, and Birds of Prey adventures in Detective. Aren’t they doing the same thing with the Superman-related titles? I heard Action might become another anthology title again.

  8. DrStrangeCubicle on

    I was going to drop BoP anyway, so it’s not the end of the world in that regard. I’m half interested/half nervous about what this means for the Batman universe in general, though (not really digging the “Dick/Damien book” rumor I heard)

  9. If they’re making Jason Todd good and Tim Drake evil, then DC has lost its marbles. My guess is that he becomes the new Nightwing (or some other name) with Spoiler being his leading lady.

  10. I just got back from Wizard World Texas and DC made a comment on this. Apparently DC is not just canceling the books as all of these characters are about to go through something “Big” soon. They would not comment on if any of the characters would be picked back up after this event.

  11. Batman is not being KILLED OFF. Go to Wikipedia…and sources state…even DC COMICS THEMSELVES said “bruce wayne doesnt want to be a HERO as of RIGHT NOW”…its a con….hence the word…Better then death?”… is better then death. Hes taking a break from being a superhero and letting his minions take over gotham. enuff said. Keep collecting…because if something crazy happens…your comics could we worth more then you think :)

  12. I hope that the Christopher nolan movies never bring in a ROBIN. I think Christian bale said if they introduce a robin…no bale. Thank you christian bale. All they need to do is make a badass trilogy and end it. Then make another spin off story. At least then we wont be disappointed FANS …at least myself…when I watched Spiderman 3. Marvel sucks. Look at what they’re doing to the marvel characters. Cancelled Deadpool for the second time…those bastards!

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