Batman eats burritos?  That can’t be good…


It’s the Bat vs. the Cat, need I say more?  It’s the kick-ass issue you’ve been waiting to read, and here’s your Major Spoilers reaction to the second issue of Secret Six.

secretsix2cover.jpgThere’s certainly one thing you can say about Gail Simone – when she gets in the groove, she can tell a damn fine story.  And Secret Six #2 delivers on every level.  Beyond the intrigue and Mad, Mad, Mad World-esque story arc, Gail tells an engaging story on every single page.  Whether it’s Bane, Ragdoll, and Deadshot talking about Scandal’s love life (or lack thereof), or Batman and Catman discussing the ingredients of Mexican food while duking it out on the rooftops of Gotham City, Gail can write dialogue that has you both on the edge of your seat, and rolling on the floor.

After reading Gail’s take on the Caped Crusader, I wouldn’t mind seeing her write a Batman story or two – that is providing Grant Morrison hasn’t screwed up continuity for everyone.  Her Batman is one of the most human I’ve seen in a while.  Instead of nabbing Catman, and putting him away, he’d rather pay the Secret Six to not do the job they’ve been hired to do.  Coming out and saying he cares for everyone regardless if they are a homicidal maniac or friend is about as close as we are going to get to seeing a Batman who is in touch with himself.

It is interesting that Simone pairs Batman against Catman instead of Bane – or maybe it’s not, considering the other Cat in Batman’s life is currently on a hospital table with a big hole in her chest.  Regardless, Tom Blake’s bravado plays perfectly against Batman’s no nonsense “don’t make me kick your ass” attitude.  And their fight isn’t too bad either, ultimately ending in a tie, because Catman let Batman get a few hits in.

The rest of the Six don’t fare as well as Catman, as they end up in a spot of trouble trying to break the Tarantula out of Alcatraz. I’ve come to appreciate the current incarnation of Bane, and like his screwed up philosophy on life, even if it means giving the opponent exactly what they need (in their ornament-things).  Scandal is the tragic character in the group, and I have a feeling she’s going to get out of her funk before the story reaches its conclusion. Deadshot, well, he’s just this guy…

By far the creepiest character is Ragdoll.  This is one messed up mo’fo’, and in Gail’s hands he moves from homicidal looney to scary “put the lotion in the basket” territory.  While I can’t wait to see what comes out of his mouth next, I’m also cringing every time I see the specialized Ragdoll font because I know it is giving me another glimpse into the mind of madness.
As I mentioned earlier, there is a very Mad, Mad, Mad World vibe to this arc, but it is probably a more accurate homage to Cannonball Run as the Six now have to get their prisoner from one coast to the other, anyway they can, while avoiding a whole army of villains hell bent on killing them, thanks to the war cry of some dude under a hood.  At the moment I have no idea who the mysterious Junior is, but I have a feeling when he is finally unmasked, we’ll all go “wha-huh?  I never expected. Damn that Gail Simone had us there!” or something to the equivalent.

The art by Nicola Scott is, once again, out of the ballpark.  One of the failings I have with the costumed hero is that you always see every curvature, crevasse, and muscle in the body THROUGH COSTUME MATERIAL!  That would just never happen in the real world, and Scott must recognize that because for the most part, most of those muscles are tucked away. The Catman/Batman six-packs still show through their clothing, but I’ll forgive her for now.

Much like Matthew’s first review of Secret Six, this issue is the complete package.  If Simone, and Nicola can continue to slowly amp up the action issue after issue, but the time this arc is over, you’re going to need a nitroglycerin pills to keep your heart for racing out of control.  I’m giving issue #2 of Secret Six, the coveted Major Spoilers 5 out of 5 Stars.




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  1. “The art by Nicola Scott is, once again, out of the ballpark.”

    While it’s nice to see Scott moving beyond the Ordway-clone early career work, it’d be nicer to see that work evolving into something unique, rather than the generic mid-run-COUNTDOWN stuff it seems to be headed toward.

  2. You telling me Ragdoll is the creepiest character? What about the “unseen one”…Did you read the 1st issue, and how about that “salespitch” O_o!

    That guy is the one thats kept me reading, creepy stuff!

  3. I loved how Cheshire, one of the original Secret Six, show up in the crowd of villains. Specialy since she had a kid with both Red Arrow AND Catman, can’t wait to see on which side she’ll be on and for how long (loyalty ain’t her strong suit).

    P.S.- Hopefully Red Arrow and Hawkgirl won’t show up in futur issues.

  4. I had always considered Catman to be one of the most inane rip-offs ever to grace the pages of a comic but, with his “rebirth” in the Secret Six books, I have to admit that Mister Blake has now become one of my personal Top 10 Favorite Characters.

    Toe-to-toe with Batman! THAT makes Blake a genuine “Person to keep on your good-side”.

    The look of irritation as Batman snaps “… I had a burrito.” and Catman’s observational statement about “Humanizing” show Gail’s refreshing understanding of these two characters as humans, not just costumes.

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