Dark or not, Green Lantern is well into production, and in an interview with MTV, Marc Guggenheim gave the low down on what Green Lantern stories inspired the movie.

“Certainly ‘Emerald Dawn’ was one of the things that we read at the outset,” said Guggenheim when asked about the connection between spoiler and screenplay. Of course, looking to “Dawn” only reveals one piece of the puzzle.

Also included will be characterization from the 1970’s Neal Adams/Denny O’Neil comics dealing with drug use and other social issues, the Dave Gibbons era, and we might also see elements from Geoff Johns recent Secret Origin arc.

Sounds good to me.  I’ve always equated Emerald Dawn as the definitive origin of Green Lantern, even with that dopey yellow Legion robot.

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  1. I know I’ve said this before but they’re really missing out on having a black superhero by not using John Stewart. I mean, they could have Diddy Raving about green lantern.

  2. Yeah but when Jordan is the superior lantern using Stewart would just be making a Lantern movie to have a token black guy…. I mean thats a crappy reason. I would like to see a remake of Steel though always thought he was an underated character in DC.

  3. Steel sucks and so did that movie and it doesnt deserve a remake. But i agree with Rodrigo, John Stewart would have also been a great choice in the green lantern movie, but we all know how hollywood is…..

  4. Having a black character just to have a black character will usually result in a Shaft type of movie (which I love) with poor sequals. I believe that any definitive Green Lantern film should be Hal. You could always argue that it should be a Guy Gardner movie because Red Headed Heroes are underrepresented in the comic book world. Take out Guy Gardner, Maxima, and any girl Logan made goo goo eyes with and you are running short.
    A second problem with using John stewart is that he has not been well written since Mosaic. The most dominant version of that character in the last decade is the one from the Justice League. That version mind you is not the one used in the comic books either. They turned an “angry black man” architect into an ex-military type. which do you use? The original? Or the cop-out for the sake of having a black character on the show?
    Considering the history and background, I believe that it is much easier to tag a test-pilot as being fearless than it an architect,gym teacher or commercial artist.
    Until Sinestro has an adult love scene with the Shaggy Man make mine Major Spoilers!


  5. As i am not opposed to a GL movie with John Stewart (He will be the GL of the upcoming JLU movie), I have to say that aside from Alan Scott (the first and oldest of the original GL serise) Hal is the correct choice for this first GL movie. Hal was/is the greatest of the GLC to go with any other character for this first movie of the GLC would be giving in to the Political correctness that has dictated movies for too long. They can and I am sure will Introduce John as well as Guy and Kyle in sequals (and Oh Yes, there will be sequals!) I watch a movie for entertainment, to escape reality, without underlying socially redeeming messages that take away from the story line. A movie CAN be for sheer enjoyment and i believe that this one WILL be that movie.

    my 2 cents.

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