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  1. I hope so. i think it won’t be too hard for that to work with the right demanding director to push her performance. i just think she has a good look for the role.

  2. I am excited for this movie. I know it is a long ways down the road, but I am excited. Call me pathetic, but I would love for this movie to turn out good and having Eva playing The Wasp is all good in my book.

  3. Seems to me that she was probably talking to Marvel Studios about Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, and the eventual Avengers movie that it would lead into.

  4. Im 100% behind Eva doing the Wasp…but to tell ya the truth i never really got the Wasp..at all.
    Fanboys are gonna go nuts though because i have a feeling they are going to change this particular character a bit.

  5. You’re all so sexist. Does a beautiful woman have to be in a movie just to read a comic book?

    Maybe she was just early Christmas shopping.
    All girls go shopping, right?

  6. Spot on casting if you ask me and if this rumor is to be believed. Charisma Carpenter can’t play everybody you know….

  7. I guess I’m alone on this one. I 100% do not want her playing the wasp at all. Every part I’ve ever seen her in comes off as very over the top and very hokey. I’m not expecting an award winning performance, but I don’t want another Halle Berry a la Storm either just because an actress “looks the part”.

  8. Brother129 i couldnt agree more, Charisma Carpenter can not play everybody, something about her mouth…i dont know. it just doesnt look right to me.

  9. I’m not very familiar with her work but I think from the look of it she’d be a good choice. That photo in particular sells it. The way she’s walking and the scarf does make her look like a socialite or fashion designer.

    As for Wonder Woman, I have no one in mind but I think anyone would be better then the last person I heard was going to be WW. I don’t waste brain cells remembering her name exactly, Megan Gale isn’t it? Anyway one look at her and I went “No, no, no, no ,no” Despite being Australian I see the collapse of the George Miller JL film as a lucky escape. It wasn’t until then that I understand why fanboys protest casting decisions.

  10. okay, here’s a challenge: name the 3 comic books Eva’s carrying! That can point to what kind of ‘reference material’ she’s received…

  11. Casting Eva Longoria as the Wasp would not be the greatest decision in my book, with the precedent of The Ultimates this is a great opportunity to cast an Asian person in the role, something that could be a breath of fresh air in a team where the only person of color is green.

  12. okay, here’s a challenge: name the 3 comic books Eva’s carrying! That can point to what kind of ‘reference material’ she’s received…

    I see a Marvel Adventures: Avengers, a New or Mighty Avengers (I think where the team was taken over by Venom Symbiotes), something else that I can’t see enough of to guess, and … a business card

  13. Dont get me wrong she is beautiful but, In the end I see her as demanding to much money or for her to have a bigger part in the movie….bleh

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