Dynamite Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in November 2008.

Frank Cho, Doug Murray (W) Adriano Batista (A)
Covers: Frank Cho, Adriano Batista

Dynamite’s Jungle Girl series returns under the direction of cover artist/co-plotter Frank (Avengers) Cho, co-plotter/writer Doug (The ‘Nam, SAVAGE TALES) Murray and interior artist Adriano (RED SONJA) Batista!

From the stunning conclusion of the first season to the exciting opening of our new season of stories, Jungle Girl delivers action, excitement, twists, thrills and the finest illustrations of dinosaurs and the female form found in comics today! Don’t believe us? Just check those covers! And that’s just the beginning… for our second season, Cho and Murray are taking the action underground, and underwater as more clues regarding Jana, the undisputed Queen of the Jungle, finds out more about her mysterious past, and the mysterious island she call home!

Featuring two covers per issues, one by the incomparable Frank Cho and the other a 1 in 4 chase cover by Adriano Batista!

Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (Plot) Jim Krueger (W) Mike Lilly (A)
Covers: Alex Ross, Mike Lilly, George Tuska

Spinning out of Alex Ross’ Project Superpowers is the first new ongoing series — opening with this four-part story arc by Ross, Krueger and Lilly!

Issue #2 features the Black Terror in a full-on rage as he takes the battle to the head of state – the President of the United States! Does President West hold the clue to the whereabouts of The Terror’s missing sidekick Tim? For his sake, we sure hope not!

Each issue will feature a cardstock cover (ala Marvel’s Secret Invasion and Civil War) and is co-plotted and art directed by Alex Ross, scripted by Jim Krueger and drawn by new Dynamite Exclusive artist Mike (Batman/Nightwing) Lilly! Plus, issue #2 will feature three exciting covers, a main cover painting by Alex Ross, a special 1 in 10 chase cover by Mike Lilly and a special 1 in 15 chase cover by Golden Age Great George (Captain Marvel) Tuska!

Garth Ennis (W) Darick Robertson (A)
Covers: Darick Robertson, Howard Chaykin

Hughie goes undercover to investigate G-Wiz, the junior team in John Godolkin’s massive network of billion dollar superheroes. Butcher and the Legend talk turkey, MM plays detective, and Annie January hears something she shouldn’t– as We Gotta Go Now continues.

WE GOTTA GO NOW PART TWO Featuring two covers as part of a continuing series of guest cover artists (all leading up to issue #30), this issue the legendary Howard Chaykin (50/50)

Garth Ennis (W) Russ Braun (A)
Cover: John Cassaday

The task of the Women’s Night Bomber Regiment becomes positively lethal, as Anna and Zoya try new tactics- but help is at hand from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Kurt and his comrades come face to face with the full horror of war on the Russian Front, in part two of the three-part “The Night Witches”.

Matt Wagner (W) Caesar Razek (A)
Covers: Matt Wagner, Francesco Francavilla

Matt Wagner’s Zorro from Dynamite Entertainment continues! Following the opening origin arc (Zorro: Year One), Wagner continues to script, art direct and provide covers for our second story arc! This time out, we’re welcoming artist Cesar Rezak to the team for this 6-issue arc! In issue #9, a new love interest is introduced as Zorro continues to be hounded by the military men that he’s made to look so foolish and incompetent. Featuring covers by Wagner and a 1 in 4 chase cover by Francesco Francavilla!

Matt Wagner (W) Francesco Francavilla (A)
Covers: Matt Wagner (PX), Mike Mayhew (MM)

The year one origin of Zorro by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla is collected in one massive hardcover volume! Inspired by all of the best Zorro has been (as well as the best-selling novel by Isabel Allende), Matt Wagner has crafted an exciting tale of adventure, revenge and intrigue! Incredibly illustrated by Francavilla, Zorro

This hardcover collection reprints issues 1-8 of the series along with a complete cover gallery featuring Matt Wagner, John Cassaday, Mike Mayhew and Ryan Sook! Featuring two covers, one exclusive to the direct market (Matt Wagner) and the other specially designed for the mass market (Mike Mayhew)

Brian Reed (W), Walter Geovani (A)
Covers: Fabiano Neves, Paul Renaud, Patrick Berkenkotter

Red Sonja is BACK! But what does that mean? Red Sonja learns many answers concerning her life’s recent mysteries in this latest issue from Brian Reed and Walter Geovani , but she also learns her adventures in this strange new world are just beginning!

Brett Matthews (W), Sergio Cariello (A)
Cover: John Cassaday

In “Scorched Earth” Part Four, writer Brett Matthews and artist Sergio Cariello are again joined by cover artist John Cassaday as the creative team put the Ranger and Tonto hot on the heels of a serial killer. Plus: Cavendish continues to fall back into old habits as his quest for the lone ranger and his revenge continues.

Like Lieberman (W), Wellington Dias (A)
Cover: Richard Isanove, Homs

Following our opening 6 issue arc comes an exciting new storyline by Red Sonja writer Luke Lieberman and Savage Tales (and Entourage) writer Matt Wolpert for “Holliday in the Sun”! Featuring Blondie, Tuco and flashbacks to a younger Blondie’s early adventures!

Featuring a continuing set of Covers by Richard (Dark Tower) Isanove along with a special chase cover by Red Sonja artist Homs (1 in 10).

Brandon Jerwa, Elliott Serrano (W), Miguel Montenegro (A,C)

What, more? Oh right, issue #2 of the sequel to the surprise (none more than us, I tell you what!)  “hit” cross-over series! And it takes two writers to put this together? Serious? Whatever it takes, I guess…

In all (heh!) seriousness, Jerwa and Serrano continue to amaze as they are again joined by artist Miguel Montenegro for a time-spanning, thrill-inducing, literary (no, really) adventure! Featuring two covers by series artist Miguel Montenegro!

Jim Kuhoric, Mike Raicht (W), Schott Cohn (A)
Cover: Stjepan Sejic

In the mountains, the necronomicon has turned those around it into an undead and diseased land… with Ash still on guard, he must take the fight back to the forces of evil, even as he realizes that his solitary life may well come to a dramatic end! Written by Mike Raicht with James Kuhoric and featuring the art of Scott Cohn (all under a Stjepan Sejic!)

Brandon Jerwa (W), Jonathan Lau (A)
Cover: Dennis Calero

Featuring 32 pages of story and art (in a 40-page comic) depicting Dynamite’s first all-new cast of Galactica characters! Written by Brandon Jerwa, with art by Jonathan Lau and covers by Dennis (Legion of Super-heroes) Calero, Ghosts #3 continues the all-new story of a previously untold group of humans desperate to survive the devastation brought on by the return of the Cylons!

J.T. Krul (W), Carlos Rafael (A)
Cover: Jean Dias

An all-new Highlander mini-series event – collected here for the very first time — spanning the ages as Connor MacLeod searches for the lost sword of his mentor, Ramirez!

JT (Michael Turner’s Fathom) Krul provides the incredible script which spans the Highlander mythos, while fan-favorite artist Carlos Rafael provides the stunning visuals!

This TPB collects all four issues of the series, along with a complete cover gallery and more!


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