Or, in the case of the Highlander, two – as in a remake of the original film that starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown. The remake of the flick that kicked off the immortal franchise will be Summitt Entertainment, who picked up the rights from Davis/Panzer Productions.

While I will never understand the need for a remake of an original film, that still stands up today mind you, there is some good news to go along with the story. First, Peter Davis, the producer of the original film, will be wearing the same cap for the redux, and second, writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway are already on board to write the “reimagining”. Marcum and Holloway are the writers behind the summer hit Iron Man.

No word on release date or stars, but thought we’d pass the info along to you.

via THR


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  1. Boy, I just can’t wait for the re-imagined sequel where we find out all of the stuff we found out in the first movie was just a sham — the immortals are aliens, Connor McLeod screwed up the planet by fixing the ozone hole with a giant shield that prevented sunlight from getting through, his teacher from several hundred years ago really wasn’t dead after all despite being beheaded.

    And, then we’ll get the third movie, where we’ll find out that only the end of the first movie (and the entirety of the second movie) was a sham, that Connor wasn’t really the only one after all because there were these three guys who were trapped in a cave for centuries, and then at the end of that he can be the only one again.

    And, then we’ll get the television series, where we’ll find out that the movies were, really, all shams as Connor has always had this cousin wandering around out there fighting the hundreds of immortals that Connor’d forgotten existed when he was the only one.

    And, then we’ll get the movie where we’ll have Duncan kill Connor because, frankly, Christopher Lambert’s getting a little too old to continue to be passed off as a never-aging immortal.

    And, then we’ll FINALLY get the truly spectactular Sci-Fi Channel movie where Duncan will fight an Immortal thing who has the powers of the Flash, find the Source, and get a chick pregnant.


  2. Hoooo boy, was Highlander: The Source a turd. We rented it, hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t be worse than Highlander: Endgame. It was. By a long chalk. I love the first Highlander movie, and the TV show, but mix em together and its awful.

    I can’t imagine that this remake is going to be any good. I will still pay money to see it though, dangit.

  3. I wonder if they’ll explore the “powers” that were pretty much ignored in all the sequels and spinoffs. During his training with Ramirez, we saw that they could commune with animals and draw power from them.

  4. Ehhh…here’s the deal. Most people have an idea of what a Highlander is, but outside of video the movies all bombed. So executives smell an opportunity to plunder an old concept. Stock it with bankable stars this time around (Connery hadn’t really made his comeback yet) and they might have a nice little moneymaker on their hands…or a straight to video bomb. Either or.

    Morgan Freeman as Ramirez!

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