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  1. Spider-man the animated series was my favorite. Probably b/c that is what I grew up on. I always tried to catch that on Saturday mornings.

    I did watch a couple of episodes of the MTV version and it was ok, but I found it hard to turn on something on MTV. :D

  2. You can’t beat the first one! Funky jazz soundtrack. Stock web-slinging shots. All the best (and worst) Spidey villains of the time. BEST THEME SONG EVER!!!

    The ’94 series was good too, tho a little too melodramatic.

    As for “Unlimited” it was only on like twice in my media market (Avengers Unlimited only aired a couple of times here too) so I can’t really judge its merits

  3. This might be the toughest poll yet! I’m torn between the classic 60’s cartoon and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. The 90s one was a bit of disappointment in the animation component if you ask me and I agree…it was overly done with the drama. Interestingly enough this new series is doing a nice job of amalgamating all the versions of spidey stories we know and love….

  4. This is a good poll. They all have their merits. The original has the classic theme song, at times some really psychedelic images and great villians, but they stopped with the real villians after a couple of seasons, which is always a bad idea (Super Friends, anyone?). The animation was great for its time but shows its age.

    I’m torn b/t Amazing Friends and the 90s series. AF was a ton of fun and seemed to have every hero in the Marvel U guest star, plus the intros from Stan the Man. I think my vote, though, goes to the 90s series b/c it was 5x a week rather than once a week, so it really got into some in-depth plot lines straight (more or less) from the comics. True, that it gets a bit melodramatic, but so was the comic.

    I haven’t gotten to see Spectacular yet. The images make it looks like Jim Henson’s Spider-Man Babies, but if y’all seemed impressed, I’ll give it a chance.

  5. 90’s Spidey was my pick. I used to love that show, even thought I was in HS at the time. AF was also great. I didn’t care much for the Spidey Unlimited show or the psuedo-CGI MTV version. I have, however, taken a shine to the 2008 Spectactular – webs under the armpits and all! Its really not bad, compared to alot of the animated series on TV today.

  6. Maximus Rift on

    Right now, I would say that the current incarnation of the show is my favorite. Say what you will about the art style, you have to agree that it the best animated. The web-slinging scenes especially; they have a better sense of speed. Almost all the other show haw web-slinging in a lower speed.

    Also, it’s really surprising that Amazing Friends is #2 right now since it had the worst plots and the villain tended to be on the tacky side. I guess it’s getting points for showing the X-Men and other Marvel heroes in their episodes.

  7. Man I love the new Spectacular Spiderman!!! Both of my sons 3 & 4 yrs old, are crazy for it and the second it ends they want to watch another, this is the first Superhero cartoon other than “The Batman” that they have watched, not only enjoyed, but begged for more.

    I loved the series in 94, but Spidey and his Amazing friends really was what made me a spider fan when i was a kid. But I Spectacular has a catch theme song, is a lot of fun to watch, and I know i’ll have a new form of nostalgia for it when my kids are remenising (sp?) over it one day.

  8. I got to go with The Amazing Friends series. THIS was the show I grew up with. Sure, the storylines may have been hokey, and there was not a lot (if any) continuity between shows, but at the time it got a lot of people into the super heroes. This and the last couple of seasons of the Super Friends (the ones with Cyborg and Firestorm) are still my all time nostalgic favorites. And knowing that John Romita did the designs gave it a comic connection I recognized even at an early age.

    We got a villian a week, at least. And the guest stars! I remember Doctor Strange, the X-Men, Thor, Captain America, Sunfire, some of the best guests ever!

    Ms. Lion Rocks! LOL

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