The Eternals are back in an all new series from Marvel Comics. The company has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the first issue that arrives in stores June 11, 2008.

ETERNALS #1 (APR082266)
Art & 50/50 Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA
50/50 Variant cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC

The Gods walk among us once more.

But do they bring us hope…

…or are they harbingers of our destruction?

Eternals #1 will sell for $2.99.


via Marvel Comics


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  1. Urgh…they might have been considerate enough to follow up on some of the continuity Gaiman put out…Makkari shouldn’t have that idiot helmet, and Druig should be, you know, on the side of the Eternals…and dressed in the awesome battle costume that JR jr. gave him, not this ridiculous red-ironing-board/-bad-Magneto-halloween-costume thing.

  2. Mmm… Who’s to say that they haven’t been following up? People change clothes all the time, and as for Druig, even the limited series hinted that he had nastiness in mind… And Daniel Acuna, while no John Romita Jr, is at least unique enough to delineate the characters with the otherworldly dignity that Kirby designed and JR reimbued.

  3. Yeah, but it’s hardly subtle to just have Druig become “BIG EVIL BAD MONSTER GUY” in the first few pages. Sure, he did have an evil motivation, but Gaiman’s version seemed more focused on taking over his country and making it great. Had it been me writing, the focus on Druig as a character would have been spread as a subplot over several issues, chronicling the various ways he used his abilities as an Eternal to develop his country and his own inner debate over whether he should once again challenge his brother and sister Eternals using the new resources he has.

    Just having him be evil opposition from Issue 1, when the mini left him on the Eternal’s side even if he couldn’t be trusted, is poor consistency.

    Also, this new costume is really awful compared to his old one. JR jr.’s new Druig not only had brilliant stylistic elements, but also stayed true to the original. I can’t look at that new helmet without wincing.

    Although, on the plus side, at least characterisation is okay, dialogue fits and the art is spectacular. I don’t hate it, I just have a few nits to pick.

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