If Marvel had a lot to talk about, DC was right behind with many announcements and exclusives.

Here’s a rundown of many of the announcements:

  • The Injustice Gang is reforming
  • You say you want plenty of spin-of titles for Final Crisis? DC has you covered with Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis: Revelations, Final Crisis: Submit, Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns, Final Crisis Rogues Revenge, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond, Final Crisis: Resist, and Final Crisis: Requiem for… with the name being kept secret for now. Word is it just might be Martian Manhunter
  • Trinity will work very much like 52 – it’s in continuity, but not side by side with other books.
  • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade. Apparently it’s a six issue mini-series for Johnny DC.
  • Yes, there will be more Krypto appearances
  • Geoff Johns has about two and half years worth of Superman stories planned out.
  • Someone must be reading Major Spoilers – a fan said he heard Catwoman was being cancelled, to which Dan DiDio said it was, but we can expect to see plenty of Catwoman in the DCU.
  • Dan Jurgens is working on Booster Gold, and that may mean we get to see the return of Waverider. We also get to find out who Rip Hunter is in Booster Gold #1,000,000.
  • As you might have already guessed, Blackest Knight will see the dead rise and fight – I fear this might be DC’s answer to Marvel Zombies.
  • Jimmy Palmiotti and his wife Amanda Conner are working on a new Power Girl ongoing series.
  • Mark Waid’s run on Brave and the Bold ends with issue #16
  • Black Adam and Isis will appear in the next Justice Society arc… huh?
  • Madame Xanadue #1 will be an origin story of the title character
  • The second story arc in Northlanders will tell the story of the first recorded Viking raid on England
  • Greatest Hits will tell the tale of a documentary film maker following a popular group of superheroes and the effect it has on his relationships.
  • Look for Chas: The Knowldege and Hellbazer: Pandemonium to spin out of the Hellblazer series proper.
  • Vertigo is revamping the Unknown Solder title
  • Grant Morrison is working on War Cop that examines the fetishization of soldiers.
  • Morrison also announced Me and Atomika, something we won’t be seeing for some time.
  • Loveless and Un-men are being cancelled
  • Superman and Action Comics titles will soon be linking up and we’ll see more Brainiac and perhaps Legion of Super-Heroes again soon.
  • Joker’s Asylum will explore Batman’s Rogue’s gallery while Grant Morrison said everyone better read Batman: RIP or “you’ll miss your chance to say goodbye”. Not in a movie year Grant, not in a movie year.
  • Nightwing is part of the Batman: RIP story
  • Looks like the multiverse will be sticking around for some time as the company has plans for some specials set in those worlds.
  • It was hinted we might get a Zatanna ongoing series in the near future (written by Paul Dini no doubt).
  • Wonderpig the action figure!
  • As long as Target continues to order JLU figures, the line will continue
  • Mattel has the licensing for JLU until 2012
  • JLU Blue Beetle – sooner or later was the response, which really means later…
  • We were promised a Volcana figure some time ago, Mattel says the figure is indeed coming
  • Will the Anti-Montor be part of the Collect and Connect line? Oooo that would be sweet
  • Batman Black and White figures will come from DC Direct

Looks like DC will be getting an even larger chunk of my paycheck each month – YOU HEAR THAT LCS? I swear I put that guy’s kids through college…


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  1. Yeah, about that Power Girl book. Here’s the art Newsarama showed of it:


    As I commented on a JSA message board earlier today (god, I gotta get a hobby! :) ): We discover that PG’s pet names for her boobs are Earth-1 and Earth-2. And you can’t handle the truth of what she thinks you’re talking about when you say “Snapper Carr”.

    As a side note, did you know that according to Roy Thomas, it was research done on Power Girl pre-Crisis that lead to Earth-2 getting air bags *standard* in automobiles nearly two decades before we got them here on Earth-1. That Thomas…always with an explanation for everything.

  2. “Grant Morrison said everyone better read Batman: RIP or ‘you’ll miss your chance to say goodbye’.”

    If they do it, I’m done with Batman comics. All of them.

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