Well if you’ve read the first issue of Secret Invasion, you know she opened a huge hole to the Negative Zone, blowing up half the Baxter Building. But what happens after that?

Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the cover to Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1.

Penciled by BARRY KITSON


Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 arrives May 14, 2008 for $2.99.

via Marvel


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  1. The big question for me is :How long?

    How long has Sue been this Skrull?

    In SI #1 the ordinary looking gentleman on the Baxter Building tour turned into Sue then. It seems to me that this may be the same case as Ms. marvel in that their are 2 Sue runing around and once the real Sue finds out that these Skrull put Franklin and Valeria in harms way it is going to be on like Donkey Kong.

  2. Agreed – I think the invasion-replacement is intentionally vague and left open so that fans can’t criticize yet. Was this the Sue from all along? Was it just that day? I think there will be more fanboys going feral once they cover the answer.

    It seems like Marvel is using the OMD plot of “we’re starting at chapter 20, no, we’re not telling you what happened in 1-19 yet.”
    Even though this didn’t turn out so well for DC’s One Year Later

  3. I got to agree with steviecool. They initially set it up by hinting that there where clues so you could figure out who was and wasn’t a Skrull, and now that has just kind gotten shot down with the whole multiple thing. It does feel like something of a cop-out, kind of the new bandaid. Character acted out of character, well, he/she was a Skrull that day.

    Don’t know if I am going to bother jumping onto the whole multiple crossover thing. The initial series I will read as long as it does not get to thin, but I think I may leave the majorityof the cross over stuff alone.

  4. I can live with the double Sue Storm/Captain Marvel things as long there really are some Skrull imposters/sleeper agents lying in wait. I’m willing to reserve judgement until the end of this thing. In the internet/spoiler age of comics, I’m hoping that there will be a couple of surprises for us a readers. Honestly, how many us of us saw Captain America getting shot at the end of Civil War for example?

  5. SPOILERS- The other two covers for this arc will have Johnny and Ben as Skrulls. We will all believe that all of them are being replaced. All because we think that Marvel released these to leak information to us. Through a public forum. And not a viral campaign like Marvel_b0y.

    Who takes these things at face value anymore?

  6. My feelings/thoughts are that the Sueskrull in SI #1 was just a situational thing (not a full-time swap) and that the real Sue is still around. Similar to the Ms. Marvel situation. My other question with all this is that if they’ve replaced certain people…have they killed them? Or do they need to keep their “templates” alive so as to avoid detection when posing as them?

  7. Maybe the Skrulls keep them alive and siphon their powers? Perhaps they can’t particularly “replicate” the powers … maybe that’s where Sauron & The Savage Land will come back into play.

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