The Spectacular Spider-Man
The New Frontier

The panel reviews DC’s The New Frontier Absolute Edition, The New Frontier DVD, and The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

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1) Watchmen Costumes Unveiled
The panel weighs in on the first images released of the Watchmen in their official garb.
2) Skrullapalooza
Readers send in their own versions of the Who You Can Trust? campaign
3) Lana and Lex not regulars on Smallville Season 8
Does anyone care? Bryan wonders why so many characters have LL names.

Review: DC’s The New Frontier Absolute Edition
Written by Darwyn Cooke
Art by Darwyn Cooke

Everyone on the panel agrees this is a 5 out of 5 Star collected edition. The panel spends most of the program analyzing the New Frontier discussing everything from the minor plot points to the nods to great moments in comic history during the Silver Age.

Review: The New Frontier DVD Review
The panel discusses the differences between the DVD and the Absolute Edition, citing why some of the changes are okay, and others can detract from the movie if you’ve already read the trade. Bryan, Stephen, and Rodrigo suggest people watch the DVD before reading the book.

Review: The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Television Show
The panel is split on the show. Stephen gives it a pass citing the art style is not to his liking. Bryan has an issue with subtle costume changes, but Rodrigo likes the show overall. The panel agrees that the animated series is off to a good start giving nods to the classic Spider-Man, and building continuity and large story arcs between episodes.

Which movie are you most looking forward to this summer?
a) The Dark Knight
b) Iron Man

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  1. Don’t like the look for Martian Manhunter. He just looks like a green human instead of a pronounced brow and red eyes making him properly alien. He’s a shapeshifter though, maybe he needed to look even more human.

  2. I bought the New Frontier DVD and am a little disappointed.

    ( Though, I have to admit, I enjoyed the Bat-Dickery when he said to J’onn, “I’ve got a $70,000 sliver of meteorite to take out the one from Metropolis. With you, I only need a penny for a book of matches.” )

    Overall, though, the story just seemed disjointed. It was almost like it wasn’t quite sure where it should focus and which hero it should focus on, and a number of plot elements (like taking Superman completely out of the final fight) seemed a little forced.

    It might be sad to say, but I actually preferred The Batman: Lost Heroes as a good, animated JLA tale …

  3. you guys suck (no, not really) absolute DC: the new frontier is out of print and not available is most places. i think i finally found it, but i’ll know only later.

    love your podcast

  4. to stephen schleicher:

    temporary out of stock dude, so it’s likely to never come back in stock. but i did get it from the used section. hopefully, customs won’t get me, i’m in canada.

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