When I started Major Spoilers over a year ago, I had no idea how far it would go, nor how fast it would grow.  At times it seemed I wasn’t putting up content fast enough for everyone to devour it, and other times it seemed no matter how much I put up, no one was reading.

A year and a half ago I lived in a small house, married to a wonderful wife.  Today, we’ve moved to a much bigger house, and have a four month old son that is a joy to be with every single day.  I’ve expanded my writing to include content for the Sci-Fi Channel’s Tech blog site, had yet another book published for Adobe Systems, continue to crank out a weekly podcast with fellow tech writer Charlie White, and teach and share my life experiences to students.

Over the past month several things have come up that have made me really think about what I am doing with Major Spoilers and its place in the blogosphere and the world of comics.  Legal issues, health issues, family issues, job issues, issues with hosting providers, and more have really reached a breaking point.

Without going into a lot of detail about each of these, I will say I’m being backed into a situation where I can’t afford to lose.  And compromising what I want to do to create a kick ass site is actually going to do a disservice to the loyal legion of Major Spoiler fans, and the comic industry in general.

I know it may sound selfish, but I really want and need time to be with family and friends.  I would hate to look back and see my son has grown up without me taking part in the fun.  I want to be able to go out and do things as a family unit, instead of making excuses that I need to update this site.  I do feel that I have made a friendship with many of the commenters on this site, and even received input on this tough decision from them this past weekend.  For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I know you are upset and probably angry with me for making this choice.  Perhaps if I had “one more day” things would be different, but I don’t have Joe Q. making editorial decisions about my life (insert your wise-ass comments here).

There are some good things that can come out of this.  I can get back into shape once again.  I can spend time with family, and devote time to endeavors that are actually making a buck.  I can enjoy reading comics as comics, instead of worrying about which titles need to be reviewed or how far behind I am on reviews.

I’m not going to stop reading comics. I’m still going to spend over $300 a month at my local shop.  I’ll be attending conventions and shows looking to fill my back issue collection.  I’m still going to get all geeky at comic related movies, television shows, and more.

I’m not giving up on comics and you shouldn’t either.

When I started Major Spoilers, there were about three sites I would visit on a daily basis to get all of my comic coverage.  Over the last 18 months, my world has opened to the plethora of sites out there that are doing just as good a job or better than what is going on here.  I’m sure you’ll find those sites too – some of them are linked to the right of this post.

Major Spoilers will remain up until Wednesday October 31st, 2007, at which point everything will go dark.

Thanks for the ride everyone!  It’s been one hell of a blast.

Stephen Schleicher
Major Spoilers


About Author

Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. hey. relatively new to this site. have been enjoying it for the last 3-4 months. just wanted to say thanks and wish you the best. take care.

  2. As sorry as I am to see you go, I just wanted to write a quick thanks.

    I’ve really enjoyed this website [checking it numerous times daily] since I discovered almost a year ago and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. No matter what, family (of every sort) should come first. They’re still there when the power fails or when a server crashes. I applaud you for what was the site I checked even before my email. I wish you the best of luck in your further endeavors. :)


  4. I’ve got to say I didn’t expect this when I woke up this morning! I’m sad to see the website go Stephen, but I understand that you have other more important obligations (family always comes first). I found MS earlier this year and it immediately became a daily stop for news and some of the best reviews around, but thought something was up when a few (Marvel) reviews mysteriously disappeared. All in all, my best to you and yours -Or- “See you in the funny books . . .”

  5. Aww man I just discovered this site a week ago and have been visiting it daily since. I really wanted to read all of the LOSH bios. What will I do?

  6. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Pretty much ‘ditto’ to what Guy said. I’d been out of comics for several years when I happened onto your site and (as many people said on the Spiderman review) it helped sell me on quite a few books, as did all your other news and other items. I’m sorry to see you guys go, but you’ve got your priorities straight and I can’t blame you for that :)

  7. Stephen I’ve always appreciated how frank you’ve been with your readership as you have been extremely accessible (and helpful to me personally) since I started hanging around here. I really don’t want to see MS go dark … if there’s something I can do … please let me know.

  8. Snider: How do you think i feel. Closing this site down is like losing a family member, or major body part. Major Spoilers has been a part of my life for the last 600 days of my life and it is going to be greatly missed. And remember, it just isn’t a family issue, my wife fully supported Major Spoilers before the site started and has been the biggest fan of the site (and she doesn’t even read comics).

    I’m probably going to be greatly depressed over the next month or so, but everyone’s words are certainly supportive.


  9. My heart is broken , but you are awesome sooo you are clearly going to do awesome things with the rest of your life so I am happy , I have been reading this site for just under a year now and I check back like every twenty minutes for updates but now that it is gone , maybe I should go outside and ride a bike or something. Thanks so much for the time spent on this great site and such and thanks for not really caring about how little Grammar and punctuation I use.

  10. Long time reader first time…commenter.

    I rarely comment/post online much at all now-a-days, but I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and providing me with many happy hours reading, but most of all…good luck to you and everything you do.

    Of all the comic news websites I read, you managed to offer, clear, concise news coupled with humour, insight and geekalicious background info.

    Cheers bud. *raises glass*

  11. I found this site about 5 months ago, and loved it as it gave me something to look forward to on my lunch break. I’ve been out of comics for quite a while, and this site has certinally picked my interest back up in going back out and figureing out what I’ve been missing. I’m sad to see the site go, but I understand that sanity, and family come before anything else. Good luck in the future, and thank you for investing so much of your time to us.

  12. It’s a sad day.

    Good luck in all your future endevors Stephen. Thank you and yours for all the hard work that made this site one of the best out there. It will be missed.

    Stacy B.

  13. I definitely appreciate, respect, and support your decision. It’s wonderful that you’re in a position to make the choices you want to make. Thank you for allowing me and others to comment along with your insights about a medium we all love to a fault. Talk about your dysfunctional relationships! I wish you well in your future endeavors. No other blog site will ever quite compare to this one. To quote Don Cornelius: Peace, Love, & Soul.

  14. visiting this site has been one of the saving graces of my cubicle job; now i’m going to have to go back to porn…

    seriously, it’s been great to read all the erudite and loving commentaries on comics. Your crew has reminded me why i loved comics so much in the first place. Are you guys going to write for any other sites?

    thanks for all the words. you made me a true believer again…

  15. To say I am disappointed, would be an understatement. I only logged on a few months ago and have enjoyed it tremondously, especially the LSH Hero reviews. I was looking forward to Mon-El and the rest as you went along.

    I understand about commitments to family and such. I was very close to working on an online masters degree, but realized I would be giving up extra time with my wife and four y/o special needs daughter, both of whom are near and dear to me.

    I wish you luck and ask if you can recommend a suitable sucessor (since you can’t be replaced in my opinon).

    AWDNUNZ (Political Lad)

  16. Gah. I’m really going to miss this site. I wish you and your family the best Stephen and Matthew. Thank you for all the amazing work you did. Major Spoilers will definitely be missed. :(

  17. AWDNUNZ: There are plenty out there.

    As far as content, I’ve got my own website at stephenschleicher.com that is in need of updating, coolnessroundup.com is where my podcast resides. And of course a quick search of my name will reveal the various other websites out there.

    As far as Matthew, I’ll let him address that.

    As far as content – I know many of you want those hero histories, that was one of my favorite parts of the site, and we didn’t even get to kick off the Villain histories (the first was going to be the Fatal Five). who know, maybe the content will pop up on another site somewhere soon. ;)

  18. Any chance Matthew will be posting the Legion histories somewhere else? I’m really going to miss reading those, not to mention everything on this site. It’s been one depressing Monday, although I’m sure for you it’s alot worse. Best of luck to you!

  19. I am very afflicted about it, because in Mexico, you can have access to the comics with the easy form you do, and Major Spoilers help me to be “at the day” with the situations. I am going to miss you. At least, you left a mark in the world.

  20. Wow. I just discovered this site about a month ago and was instantly hooked. A real fellow Legion fan publishing a blog about all the charaters I grew up with.

    This is disappointing beyond belief. If there is anything I can do to help in the future, please let me know.


  21. Thanks for this site, even though I’ve only used it for a short time. I have to say it was very helpful to me, but I understand having to put family first. Thanks again & hopefully another friendly web site like this will be inspired by you and fill the void.

  22. Thank you for everything you have done!!!! This site has renewed my love with the LSH. The character profiles were amazing as well was the reviews of all the comics. This site has renewed my love of comics!!! Truly the best Comic website for fans ever!!!!!! I wished nothing but the best for you, Matthew and your families. You will be missed!!!!

  23. I’ve been reading your site for quite a long time, and have enjoyed it immensely… I’m sorry to hear about the problems, and sorry to see it go, but I fully understand and support your decision… I mean, ya gotta do what ya gotta do… I wish you well in all your future endeavors, and hope that you don’t get any DTs from not being able to work on this site.. ;)

  24. Wizzer: Contest still goes on. The Prize will be awarded to the person with the most votes when the site goes down. Right now that’s looking like Catwoman, but if Hawkman can rally his troops he might have a chance.

  25. Well I suppose I too should become a first-time commenter to thank you, Mr. Schleicher and Mr. Peterson, for the work you guys did. I actually wasn’t that up to snuff on comics less than a year ago but finding your site filled the big gap in my geek lore that I had been missing. And I totally fell in love with numerous comics and comic book characters that I hadn’t cared about, or even heard of before. I wouldn’t be half the geek I am now without you guys. So thank you for the work you guys did and may your future endeavours be as fruitful as Major Spoilers was for me and a whole lot of other people.

  26. This was absolutely the best and most accessible comics site around. I will continue to follow your writing , but I will miss using MS as my iTunes preview for comics. Best of Luck!

  27. Eddie Sheridan on

    I kind of started to get interested in comics again when the whole Civil War saga was going on, and that’s how I found your site. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to see it go. You’ve really restored me interest in something that was a huge part of my childhood (even it’s too expensive for me to keep up with now). You mentioned some other sites that were similar to your’s, but I could figure out where the links were. Could you put a couple of those sites up here in the comments? Or, if anybody else knows of any, could you do the same? I’d really appreciate it.

  28. Family Schmamily! Nah, just messing… I hate to see you go, this site has been great. I have been coming everyday for about a year now, and I will greatly miss it. This was one of the only sites I could go to while at work since their big site ban thing a month ago. With my first child on the way, I totally understand your reasoning. Good luck!

  29. Cardboardmonocle brings the snark
    http://comicstew.blogspot.com/ has some really nice commentary on trades, and a really great rant on what is wrong with the industry right now. Hey, you might want to check out my (stephenschleicher.com) in a couple of weeks when I lash out with a rant of my own. Could it be related to the shut down of this site? maybe…
    http://www.comicmix.com/ – i like this because the “old guys” weigh in
    http://livingbetweenwednesdays.blogspot.com/ – many of you might love this site because of the quick and fast reviews.
    http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/ – not really spoilery but they do get a lot of reviews up fast
    http://pwbeat.publishersweekly.com/blog/ – gotta love the beat. Heidi actually helped out quite a bit with getting me some of those first contacts oh so long ago.
    http://comicsworthreading.com/ – if you are thinking of starting your own website, check out the great commentary on writing your own reviews.
    http://dialbforblog.com/ – about as close as you are going to get to hero histories without stealing our name and concept.

    There are more, but some of them have really done everything they can to hurt this site and me personally, so to them I say “step off, pal. step off”.

    yes some of these sites may look plain, but they are doing it right.

  30. loved your site. but you left for the best reason, your family. i do hope you get to finish the hero histories. they were fantastic. good luck.

  31. As far as Matthew, I’ll let him address that.

    Matthew’s thoughts in a nutshell: Son of a @#%$.

    I am, much like Stephen, dealing with some serious mixed emotions here. The most overwhelming is disappointment, with an overtone of loss. I’ve spent the weekend feeling like my girlfriend dumped me or a friend moved away… I’ve gotten so used to watching the Wednesday lists, watching for recappable titles and books that I can share my enthusiasm on, and hoping you guys would like them.

    Still, I echo Steve’s thoughts on family, especially with my new job (finally reaching the management level I’ve been striving for since 1998) taking up so much time and my daughter getting frustrated with the amount of time that I spend writing. “Daddy, can we have fun, or are you going to make pictures for the computer again?” Having my mornings and Saturdays back will be nice, though I already miss the creative process I’ve established here in Stately Spoilers Manor East.

    Without going too much into detail, I am responsible for the straw that broke the camel’s back, and for that I feel like I owe Stephen, the loyal Spoilerites and whomever may be silently watching in the wings an apology. The only intention that I ever had was to try and share my enthusiasm for the industry, for the people in it, and for the characters that keep them royalty checks coming in. I had hoped to try and get people excited about Wednesday afternoon, to actually READ the books rather than collect, peruse, and stuffinnabag. It was always about the comics for me, and I am extremely disheartened at the situation we find ourselves in.

    Still, the body does what it must to survive, whether it be me in my Fortress of Matthewtude, Mr. Schleicher in his underground Stevecave lair, or you the citizens of Spoilerville. I bear no ill will to those who must protect their intellectual property, nor those who want their work unspoilered, and I wish each and every one of y’all a good day.

    Aww man I just discovered this site a week ago and have been visiting it daily since. I really wanted to read all of the LOSH bios. What will I do?

    Are you guys going to write for any other sites?

    As far as content – I know many of you want those hero histories, that was one of my favorite parts of the site, and we didn’t even get to kick off the Villain histories (the first was going to be the Fatal Five). who know, maybe the content will pop up on another site somewhere soon. ;)

    Well, thereupon hangs a tale… I can tell you this much for free: I do not have the wherewithal and financial oomph necessary to put together even the simplest of web-hosting currently. Suffice to say that a year of bouncing from temp job to temp job combined with the pesky vicissitudes of life have me rebuilding my finances from scratch (the finished product should look something like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, only made of Cheez Whiz, spackle and that stuff from the center of a Twinkie) so self-publishing is out. Translation: Matthew is so broke he can barely pay attention.

    I’d love to continue with the Hero Histories, presuming that a forum exists to do so… Of course, there’s a bit of poetic irony in the fact that the next planned Hero History is that of Mon-El, the man who escaped a certain death in his very first appearance, and continued doing so for decades, having his last brush with what seemed like certain death just months ago. Given the right circumstances, some help from my cousin Eltro, a Phantom Zone projector, and the love of a good blue woman, perhaps the Hero Histories, too, might rise again.

    Either way, my basic situation is one of disappointment, vague grief, and guilty conscience, though seeing the kind words y’all had for Steve helps to salve the wound. I s’pose we can all look back on the good times we had, maybe a montage to the tune of a Fray song, just like on Scrubs? No? Anyone? I thought perhaps we had a clip.

    In any case, I leave you with this final couplet:

    “If our Spoilers have offended,
    Think but this, and all is mended,
    That you have but slumber’d here
    While these caped visions did appear.
    And Countdown’s weak and idle theme,
    No more yielding but a dream,
    Gentles, do not reprehend:
    with Hero Histories, we will mend:
    And, as I am an honest schmuck,
    with some of Longshot’s unearned luck
    and gamma rays to make me strong,
    We will make amends ere long;
    Else each friend a dread Skrull call;
    So, good night unto you all.
    Give me your hands, if we be friends,
    And Matthew shall restore amends.”

    It was… fun.

  32. In the event my other post was lost in the spam bin, I’d just like to repeat: Sad to see you go.

    (but if you find the other one, put it up, it’s quite touching I think!)

    Good luck.

  33. Matthew: Stop it! now I’m all teary eyed and i have to teach a class in 10 minutes! ;D

    Seriously, none of this is matthew’s fault – just a Series of Unfortunate Events.
    sonofabitch! now I’ll probably get another email about using that phrase. (I’ll let the joke bomb go off for some of you who need time with that one.)

  34. I said good day! :D heheh

    Jon of Double Dumb Ass On You – I forgot to put your site in the comment above. Thanks for the offer. I’m willing to sell the site for the right price (six figure minimum) ;)

    Good Day!

  35. Man, sucks to see you go. Not too many quality comic book related sites around and fewer still that updated as often as you. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do after this.

  36. Crap!!! and i had just discovered the site fairly recently.

    Well family should always come first and I really appreciate all you’ve given me through your site since i’ve started frequenting it.

    Best of luck in all your future endeavors!!!

  37. I am so sorry that the site will be no more, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for adding
    “Bat-dickness”, “Tom Welling PUNCH!”, “Holly Robinson (not THAT Holly Robinson)”, “Red Arrow (ugh)” and other nuggets to my fanboy dictionary. Stellar work, guys, thanks.

  38. I found out about Major Spoilers not too long ago, but I’ve been faithful in visiting the site everyday. I’ve been a bit shy about posting responses, but I’m glad I get one last shot. Thank you for the hard work you’ve put in. It has certainly made my drab days at work better. Blessings to your family, also. I’m a husband and father myself, so I understand the challenges that come along with deciding what to do and what not to do. I wish you the best and thanks again for the ride!

  39. AnthSand: thank you for hopping on board the bus – the magic bus to comic land!

    And remember everyone, the family issue is a small small small reason for shutting the site down. Take a look a those other reasons, many of them are much more serious.

    And Legion fans remember – the LoSH universe has rebooted several times…

  40. Thank you Stephen. Your submissions on ELR was always some of the best content on the show. I’ve admittedly never been that big of a comic fan but your awesome site made me wish I was. ;)

  41. Wow… that’s just a shame for your fans! ;) Sadly all good things must come to an end. Thank you for ALL of the hard work you’ve put into this site as it’s been an enjoyable read for the last few months since I stumbled across it and actually gotten me back into comics again after a 5 year departure. Thank you.

  42. Damn…I just discovered this site, and was starting to make it a daily visit.

    Oh well! Be careful out there among the English, Stephen. I had a nice time too.

  43. Wow…. I feel like I just learned that my dog will be hit by a car this coming Halloween……

    A big Big Thanks for all the reviews and the opinions. I enjoyed reading your reviews as much as, and in the case of Countdown more than, the issues themselves.

    I only found the site 4 months ago but visit many, many, many times a day. And whenever nothing new had been posted, I enjoyed the heck out of going through your Archives and catching up and learning about titles I’d fallen behind on, or learning about those that I may have passed by.

    Matt & Steve, you guys rock, and i’m very very sorry to see you go as I had wished you much prosperity and looked forward to reading your site for years to come……. Damn wish genie getting things backwards……..

    No more wishes, you’ll be missed and I hope your time off is good to you. You guys were great to us.

  44. If I had to guess what the final straw was, I’d guess it was Marvel legal and the removal of images. Most. Depressing. Monday. Ever.

  45. It’s been a genuine pleasure reading your site so I’m sad to see it go but I am happy that you’re choosing your family and putting them first. My first reaction when I read the header was, “aw, damn. really?” but after reading the rest all I could think was, “good for him.” The legal stuff and so on is hard to deal with and often a trail (no pun intended) less worthy than it should be. What matters is the effort you put in to this amazing site. You worked on it and it shows. Thanks for the amazing info and getting me hooked on more comics than I could afford. ;)

    All the best.

  46. Stephen said: http://comicstew.blogspot.com/ has some really nice commentary on trades, and a really great rant on what is wrong with the industry right now.

    Dude, thank you for that. That you liked my ranting means something to me. A lot of my traffic has come from this site,and I appreciate every bit. I truly truly thank you guys and will miss checkling the site everyday.

    Could there be a chance of turning the site into a discussion forum? I know that you recently took down the forums because there was no activity on it, but that might change now. ut maybe at least leaving a little place holder so you can keep the name.

    Stephen, I was using the final straw kinda metaphorically (life and everything else.) Going back and reading it now, after having posted it, it does read a little wonkey, like there was some single big think. I’m editing the post now to make it clearer.

    Damn. I really hate this.

  47. I didn’t write in this morning because I was too shocked and angry to comment with a right mind. I think I’ve gone through all 5 stages of grief.

    I’m very sad to see this incarnation of the site go. I visited everyday, most days it was like 5 times, but whatev. I love this site. I got back into comics because of it.

    Stephen and Matthew, I love your humor, and sense of enjoyment that you get out of comics. I share those feelings and appreciate the hard work you did to express it to the masses.

    I’ll miss the MS dictionary the most. I felt like part of the ‘in-crowd’ of comics refer to things like Tom Welling-Prime, or my favorite character Kon-Welling. The KRAK-A-DOOOOMS :(

    I read between the lines, and that sucks. Those who are responsible for this turn of events get a Bat-Dickedness level of 11. Yeah it goes to 11! I understand their point, but whatever….

    I look forward to reading your blogs and whatever you choose to do next. Please note that your own Legion of Superfriends awaiting your return.

    You guys rule, good luck. Hope to see you soon.

  48. I just found out about this site from Extralife Radio. This sucks but why not move things to a smaller(free) venue like Blogger, and get guest writers/contributors to at least keep it around in a fan run aspect?

  49. Oh man! I just realized that I won’t see another, “This just in, Captain America is still dead”, followed by a great review!

    And after a quick search in another tab, I can’t even re-reading them for the memories!


  50. thannnnksss for the spoilerings… :) you people and your silly families… B-) Oh well, i guess somebody’s gotta do the whole nuclear family thing. good luck, and all the other nice things!

  51. Love the site… sorry to see it go.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into it.

    On the subject a bit… maybe off, could we start a topic on what other quality comic sites there are that readers of Major Spoilers visit, that might help plug the big hole that Major Spoilers will leave?

    I know I come to Major Spoilers every day… Any other good comic sites?

    I visit this site for toy news… DC Direct/Marvel Legends figures

    And this site on occasion:

    This one I’ve heard good things about, but rarely visit:

    And remember… no hard feelings for sure… Family comes first!

  52. Oh my !
    I’m Just realizing how much I will miss major spoiler…
    But I have a 21 month old son, therefore I understand very well all the family issues…
    Whatever, enjoy your new life with your family and all those damn good comics !!

  53. I feel absolutely sick. You guys have the best comments on the comics you review and, while I don’t always agree with you, I respect Matthew and Stephen’s point of view on all things comics as much as anyone I know.

    I have visited your site almost daily for about a year and it makes me an extremely sad panda to know this site is going away.

    I tell you one thing, Bat Dickness was never a part of my vocab until you guys put it there.

  54. Very sorry to hear the news. I’m another one who came for the LOSH hero histories and stayed for the rest of the fun. But I know too well what a sudden upswing in site traffic means. (drat and i was really hoping for an Andromeda HH, too… ) Best of luck to the pair of you.

  55. Your loyal fan from Poland says: thank you, guys. You helped me to discover the world of American comic, you gave me a chance to jump into it, and most of all – you were the greatest guides I could ever imagine. I wish luck to all of you. You made my life a little bit more colorful. You gave me a new passion.

    I visited this site daily, and enjoyed each and every review, hero history or piece of news. Your writing was fantastic, and… eh, I’ll simply miss you :)

    I hope that your further lives will be as wonderful as Major Spoilers were to me.

    Żegnajcie, as we say in Poland :)

  56. Ah, Hell. But.. but.. everywhere else sucks!

    Thank you for a great place I’ve loved to visit over the past siz months, and best wishes on your future endeavors!

  57. We’re going to miss you… but you’ve made the right decision! If you can’t put your family and yourself ahead of your work, then there is more to worry about than being too busy…

  58. Thanks for keeping me up to date with the comics I wish I could be reading.

    Finding your site was a blessing. Not only did you review the comics, you actually let the reader know what was actually in the comic. Too many online reviews tell the readers nothing. You guys here at Major Spoilers gave us all the information and made reading a review fun and exciting, not tedious and boring. I’ll miss visiting this site to keep up with comics I’m not reading monthly anymore, but pick up months later in trade.

    Thanks for entertaining me.

  59. Huh.
    This is going to seem a bit silly but I assumed, with the level of quality and connections, that this site was, like some webcomics and other sites, a full-time job in and of itself. If I had realized you guys had other careers and children on top of maintaining the multiple updates per day, every day, I would have been stunned.
    By all means, pull this monkey off your back. I feel like Aunt May saying “You do too much. You’re not Superman, you know”.
    I will say that I visit this site much much more than either newsrama or cbr. Your site has always had more interesting reviews, much more so, and, to be frank, a personality.
    The other sites are primarily news sites and that is abundantly clear. Major Spoilers always felt very personal and intimate, like talking over a movie at the coffee shop with your friends after you’ve all seen it.
    You’ll be missed, guys.
    Take pride in knowing that there is nobody else out there doing what you do like you do it.


    But seriously, sorry to hear the news. Haven’t been at MS very often recently, but I still check daily for updates. I hate to see the best comic site go, but family comes first.

    Best of luck to whatever you plan on doing.

  61. So sorry to hear the news, but behind that are all the right reasons!! Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and great images and well, just everything. Clearly, you’ve been well-loved and will be greatly missed…and I join everyone else in wishing you the best of everything!!

  62. Good night sweet prince, i could never into comics before i started reading here (far too lay-z) but you managed hook me good (thats what she said). Best of luck from the bay state!

  63. I, like many others it seems, recently discovered your site and have enjoyed reading your posts immensely. I have a love/hate relationship with comics but your witty and erudite reviews have caused me to celebrate that which I hate and revel deeper in what I love about comics.

    Thanks for the free ticket to the amusement park- guess it was only a matter of time before such a good thing must end.

    May your lives be rich.

  64. Thank you oh so very much for all the work you’ve put into this site. You’re actually one of a handful of sites that actually put out new content on weekends, and I’ve always admired your work ethic and dedication to keeping your readership happy, even though you’re not making a penny off of us.

    MS had quickly become my favorite site for comics information, better than all of the other “big guys” combined. Thanks again for everything, and best of luck in the future with your family and business. Your reviews will be sorely missed by this fan.

  65. Damn, um Matthew and Stephen, i will miss you guys. I will greatly miss this site, I come to this site around 10-15 times a day, just to see whats going on, to get reviews on comics, or just to see the forums. I know i gave you guys a hard time sometimes jokingly, but i will really really miss this website. Good luck in life Stephen Schleicher, and Matthew Peterson raise your sons to be nerds and geeks just like us. Holla ahca boi

  66. Well looks like I wasn’t successful at talking you out of this. Family is more important though.

    Matthew would always be welcome to put reviews, etc on my store website (which doesn’t seem to get changed frequently enough now).

    Stephen and Matthew, thanks for your dedication which you executed so well.

  67. frankiedamaged on

    Sadness…..you know I rather enjoyed being able to catch up with my comic fix from this site, but I fully understand you wanting to spend more time with your family. That is great, because you never know what tomorrow holds. good luck and God bless.


  68. All the best with la familia and thanks a bunch for an awesome site. Will miss the LSH hero history tremendously, made for great reading and brought me back to those days of reading my dad’s (now gone) superboy and the legion collection.
    The loss of major spoilers will put a huge crimp into my procrastination schedule now.

  69. Hey Guys I have never posted but I ahve always been proud of your accomplishments. While I won’t be sad to not hear “hey can you bring the laptop over to our firends house tonight so I can write a review while we try to be social” I will be saddened by the loss that both of you will feel.

    You have done really great work here.

  70. Oh, dammit, no!
    I discovered this place just a few months ago and it almost immediately became my favorite comic website EVER! I’ve been digging through the archives, I’ve been checking the site at least once per day, I’ve even bought comics I wasn’t interested into before reading your reviews of them!
    I understand your choice to shut down this place, and as a father I’m sure you will have not just more but also a better time with your kids.
    Still, it saddens me to see the end of this awesome site and its great, great writings. Thank your for a really good time!

    Greets from Bavaria

  71. i went through your list of website that are supposed to replace you, and…….they all suck. what the hell guys, those sites arent easy to navigate, their ugly and their stupid, and im just venting because im gonna miss you guys. and i will be visiting stephenschleicher.com, and do you guys have a myspace?

  72. Thank you for this wonderful site, Stephen and Matthew, I wish you luck in everything you accomplish!

    Hasta pronto.

  73. Did Marvel threaten legal action?

    It is hard to fight “The Man” but we wish it were possible to hang in there.

    Stan Lee is to blame for this!!!

  74. I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for helping me get back into comics. I stop reading after high school ’95 and was having a hard time picking it up 10 years later. Your reviews and news helped me chatch up with the who’s who of comics again. So you guys did what you set out to do atleast for me, you got another fan back into a comic book store. Thanks

  75. Shephen & Matthew:

    This is a sad day. Thanks for all your hard work. You guys are entertaining as hell, and you will be missed.

    In memory of Major Spoilers, I refuse to remove the link from my website. Call it poor web etiquette, but I just can’t bring myself to do it!

    If either of you ever start up something new, be sure to let me know!

  76. Thank you, Stephen for all the wonderful things you’ve done here.

    i’m truly sad to see this site go dark, it will be missed deerly.

  77. Thank You Stephen and Matthew for all the time you put in and effort and money and god knows what else…you will be missed and we, the faceless masses appreciate it.

  78. so i went to your myspace, and your on touching terms with porn stars!!!! man, thats friggin cool, im proud of you stephen schleicher. i have a question, what do pornstars smell like?!!

  79. My feelings pretty much mirror everyone else’s here. I can honestly say I never would have picked up Thunderbolts or New Warriors were it not for this place… Or, taken an interest in LoSH had it not been for the Hero Histories.

    I’ve got a family at home myself, so I have a good idea where you’re coming from. Thankfully, mine understand what this place has meant to me over the past several months and why I’m all moody and a-drinkin’ right about now…

    Here’s hoping for someone to dish out a few Tom Welling-Prime punches to smite your enemies.

  80. I enjoyed your site a lot. Your reviews are some of the best ever. Thanks for all the time put in.

    R.I.P. majorspoilers.com

  81. I discovered this site a few months ago and found myself checking it daily. Love the references that you would make in your reviews. It will be missed. I (we) appreciate you starting this site and wish you and your family the best. God speed and Thanks.

  82. I need to really point out that none of this is Marvel’s fault. Yes, I did receive a C&D last week that put a tizzy on how things would have been done differently on the site, but everything with marvel was resolved this morning in a phone call. Really. Marvel people are ok people – they sent more PR and “please post” material than any other company out there. If anything I want to thank marvel for everything the did to make Major Spoilers the site it is – even if they are going to get rid of Peter and MJ’s marriage.

    It still would have been fun to be around when all that crazy Skrull sh*t dropped though ;)

  83. I suppose I can forgive Marvel and DC…they did give us Lobo the Duck, after all.

    Still, the site will be missed…

  84. Stephen,

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed coming to this site for my daily dose of upcoming comic news and well as trips down memory lane (LONG LIVE THE LEGION!). As an author with a family, friends, and another job on top of that, I totally understand how important the special moments are in life. Enjoy yourself, man and I hope to see you doing your thing out here on the web again one day.

    The number of postings show how much you mean to us.


  85. Wow, so this is what happens when I don’t check M.S. for a few hours?!?!?

    Sad to see the site go, but I’m very happy to have been able to share in the special happenings going on here. People always talk about the internets as being a “community” and most of the time that’s hogwash, but with M.S. this very much felt like a community. I think that’s clearly evidenced by the outpouring of well-wishers here.

    I want to give props to Steven and Matthew for their dedication, insight and humor, but mostly enthusiasm! Too many fanboys with extensive knowledge become bitter and snarky. You guys kept a great mix of criticism and sarcasm while always giving the reader the sense that you enjoyed comics. It was strong writing, full of what someone else already said ‘personality.’

    I hope you guys continue to write reviews albeit at a more relaxed pace, and that I see your hilarious and insightful commentary somewhere on the interweb soon!!!

  86. All I want to say is that you did an AMAZING job with this site. Ive been a reader for a very, very long time. I just want to let you know that we do read them. Even though we sometime never post, we do and I appreciate all the time you put into this wonderful site. Im going to miss this site a lot. I visit this site at least once or twice a day and read everything you put up. Thank you and goodluck in the future!

  87. Wow.

    Mr. Schleicher, the site that you and Mr. Peterson have created is one that I just discovered a few months ago……and it quickly moved to one of the sites that I check as soon as log in at work (or at home, or on the road, or pretty much anywhere). I credit this site for actually making me excited about comics again, if for no other reason than the incredible reviews and comments that the two of you have posted. And the vocabulary! Bat-dickness! Tom Welling Prime! I loved all of it. You guys, and this site, will most definitely missed. Best of luck in all that you do.


  88. First off, let me applaud you for making this decision. Clearly there are many people in the world who would rather obsess over their work rather then step back and realize they have other, more important priorities to attend to. I just found this site but a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it, but I respect your decision entirely and think all the more of you for doing so. To be honest, I often had problems with your reviews, finding your opinions clearly different than my own, but felt the change of pace nice in comparison to reading other reviews that simply reinforced my own thoughts on comics. This site had a particular sense of uniqueness and that’s how I’ll remember it.

    Good luck in all your future endeavorers. God be with you.

  89. Unspoiled North on

    Does “going dark” only mean no new posts, or will the whole site become inaccessible?

    Thanks to you both for your effort.

    All the best to you.

  90. Well, all the same thanks for all you’ve done, Stephen. Unforutnately, real life gets in the way of things sometimes, and justifiably comes first.

    Thanks again,
    ~dave k.

  91. ……Okay so if Marvel is not to blame does that mean the only logical conclusion is……….

    Seriously need to know, cause I’m not buying somebody’s titles………. for at least a couple of months….. with the small exception of maybe the end of they Sinestro War…….. Which I only started buying because of MS………… CURSE YOU POWERS THAT BE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and MosDef was so right all the other sites are awful compared to you guys. When I found MS surfing at my work, a ray of sunlight came through the window, and a chorus of Angels began singing, and for a small moment in time all was right with the world…….. Then Countdown began……. Where’s Tom Welling Prime when you need him.

  92. Well, I can add this to the list of reasons to hate Marvel/DC, can’t I? :p

    Seriously, I just got here a few month ago and this became my #1 site for comic news. You guys (IMHO) are great reviewers simply just because you said what you feel. If you hated something, you hated it. No pandering to anyone.

    Also, conversations here were good. Nobody felt like an immature 4-year old.

    I am really going to miss this site,

  93. Goodbye guys, I only check the site every few days, but I’m awfully glad that I checked it today. I would hate to have come back in a few days and everything was just gone. At least now I know what has happened. Good luck to you both, and know that you and this site will be missed.

  94. good luck with your future endeavors. kids grow up too fast. enjoy being with them while they enjoy being with you. ;) godspeed with your future, and thanks for all your hard work.

  95. Unspoiled North: Going Dark means the entire site is going down. Well except one more message that should bring a smile to some people’s faces Thursday morning (providing they have read the Major Spoilers Dictionary). And of course if you have used your real email address when commenting in this post there might be another treat or two for the good boys and girls.

    If you want to snag the hero histories or anything else better do it now before they are gone for good, I suggest you do so before end of day Wednesday.

    Maximus Rift: Try not to hate anyone by myself, for it is my decision and mine alone that brings the site to a close.

    Stacy B: You read too much into everything :P It is a story that could be told, but in the end I think you would be disappointed and that’s something I don’t want. You need to be happy.





    Comics :D

  96. The single reason I got back into comics is now dead.

    If only “One more day” indeed. Thank you Matt and Stephen, you guys did a fantastic job.

  97. I’m sad to see you guys going, but blood is thicker than mud…this has been my favorite site for some time(both at work and at home). Between Newsarama, Silver Bullet Comics, and Popcultureshock.com, Major Spoilers was, and is 1# with me. You helped put me on to some great books, my friends(Black Summer and Dynamo 5 for starters…). Thanks again for putting up with my rants on some of my least favorite books as well. I hope to see a new site by you guys some time soon. It’s been a helluva ride…


  98. I started viewing the site about a month ago, and it was one of the best of it’s kind. I just wanted to say thanks for the great reporting, reviewing and being classy with it all.

    Thanks again!

  99. Wow. I can FINALLY stop wasting my hard-earned money on all those comics that your brilliant reviews have encouraged me to go out and actually BUY. Seriously, the only reason I would have even considered spending $$$ on books like Heroes For Hire, Thunderbolts or LSH is because of the wry commentary and unknowable tidbits of continuity I get from Major Spoilers. Half the fun is reading the books and then reading your reviews afterwards; they really extended my enjoyment of the books. So, thank you, Marvel legal or whoever or whatever was the final straw, you’ve just saved me a lotta dough on great comics that I’ll never know are worth reading.

    Otherwise, thank you, Stephen, it has been a real pleasure. You’ve done us all a great service.

    Oh, and you can bet I’ll be grabbing those LSH Hero Histories ‘fore Wednesday. Those babies are GOLD.

  100. I can’t say anything new compared to what has been said before, but it is sad to see such a fantastic site go under. Props for doing a great job. Take care of the family and let them enjoy you now :)

  101. Damn….I just found this site a few months ago. It was so much better than most of the others that it became one of the sites I visited daily for my comic information and knowledge. All good things must come to an end I guess. Thanks for running an incredible website, you will be missed. May fortune smile upon you in whatever you do from here.

  102. Oh man! I just realized that I won’t see another, “This just in, Captain America is still dead”, followed by a great review!

    This just in… Former Captain America Steve Rogers is STILL dead!

    If ya gotta go?

    Go with a SMILE…

  103. Hi Steve,

    I’m a big fan and I just want to let you know how much I loved your site and am very sad to learn its closing down.
    For the last four months I’ve been visiting your site everyday from my country Malaysia. Comics are really expensive here and come slow too. Your site has been a life saver! Its entertaining, funny and awesomely done! I will definitely miss this positive contribution to the internet.
    I wish you a good future and a beautiful family!

    Many thanks
    Dave Yeow,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  104. What an odd day to find your site…I feel a bit wierd saying anything about being sad you’re closing it down, but after looking around it, I’m actually sad it’s closing and that I didn’t find it sooner.

  105. I’m sad that Major Spoilers won’t be around anymore. I wish both Stephen and Matthew the best in their future endeavors. I visited the other comic sites Stephen linked to but the sites seem to lack a certain something special that this site has.

    Thanks for the reviews and introducing me to wonderful characters I never knew about. Good luck to the both of you.

  106. Man oh man.

    I found this website over a year ago during freshman year of college when I finally started getting into comics after years of saturday morning cartoons. Over time it became my favorite site and I would save it for last-visiting newsarama, cbr, and everywhere else before treating myself to a hero history or “bat-dickness” reference.

    I am truly sorry to see you guys go. Thank you for making my first year as a real comics fan so enjoyable.

  107. Sorry to see MS go. It’s one of the few sites that I click on reguarly during the day to see if it’s updated. Hero Histories got me through more than a few boring lectures…. Guess I’ll have to start paying attention now.

  108. I’m really disappointed the site’s going down. MS has been an amazing resource, giving honest, detailed and funny reviews, as well as a bunch of other features. This site was amazing and I’m damn sorry to see it go, whatever the reason. Steve, if this was your decision in the end, then it’s good you were able to choose that way you went out. It’s just sad that there might have been some extra “pushing” fom the publisher side of things. But I know you can’t really talk about that. Regardless, to you and Matt- thanks for hours of high-quality free entertainment, and I hope to hear about your next projects soon!

  109. A shame… just found this site about 2 weeks ago, after getting all excited about the Legion again (Lightning Saga) and what’s to come. Really enjoyed the Hero Histories, hope they can continue elsewhere. Best of luck in future to you both.

  110. Toshi from Asia on

    Thank you for everything, Stephen.

    Can’t believe this site’s going to be gone soon :(

    Thank you also for allowing us to do so: “If you want to snag the hero histories or anything else better do it now before they are gone for good, I suggest you do so before end of day Wednesday.”

    I’ll be sure to cite majorspoilers.com as a source… even though this site will no longer exist :(


  111. Eh, this is like one long funeral – I come to the site only to read the new comments about it going down. Major Spoilers, you were on the top of bookmarks in my browser :)

  112. This really was the best site for comics around…I’ll miss it! But I understand family comes first. Good luck to you guys!

  113. Just wanted to echo the main feeling and voice my thoughts; Major Spoilers is the only comic related site I read daily and I’m saddened to see it go. Stephen and Matthew, for what it’s worth, I used this site as a springboard to reading articles on other sites via the links provided throughout Major Spoilers, so whatever grief was brought upon you both was unnecessary and, IMO, negatively affects my opinion of the sites and people who helped fan the flames. I would greatly appreciate an e-mail of the sites you’d recommend staying away from so I can block traffic to those sites.

  114. I’ve checked the site at least twice a day since I found it. It’s one of the sites I check for comic news every morning. I noticed recently the reviews didn’t have many pictures. I had an idea you were getting revenue and thought perhaps Marvel/DC leant on you to stop showing so much of the comics for a profit. I guess you didn’t have the time. It’ll be a pity, how will I keep track of Countdown now :(, but I understand. I have had projects I had to abandon because they were demanding so much time. Anyway, thanks for the site while you could keep it up.

  115. The first time I found Major Spoilers I was looking for a review of the first Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters series. Major Spoilers was unlike anything I had ever seen ! It was not just reporting comic news but actually reviewing them! I have become addicted to checking it everyday to see what new reviews were up, hero histories, and best of all the general commentary! It is sad to see this site go. I hope that if anything in some form down the road you both will return if anything to finish the hero histories of LSH. Best of luck to you both you will be missed.

  116. Who’s gonna give this town it’s enema now????


    Matt I am saddened to see that you will no longer be able to continue with the site. I have thoroughly enjoyed this site. You have reintroduced a 37yr old kid to the joy of comics. I have my 6yr old son reading Transformers comics now because of you. May God Bless you, your family and your future work. Remember to alway work like you don’t need the money, love like you have never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.

  117. Sad to see the site go. You guys did a great job and service to the community. I had fallen out of comics for a while, but your site really helped in bringing me back into the mix. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and I hope you find new outlets for your creativity.

  118. I’ll echo what some of the other posters have said by mentioning how much Major Spoilers reinvigorated my love of comics. I started collecting several titles (Nova, Captain America, The Immortal Iron Fist, Checkmate and Starlord: Annihilation to name a few) from the reviews I read here (which makes in my mind Marvel’s C&D even more ridiculous, but I digress).

    I really hope we see you guys again on a comic site some day. The internet just ain’t the same without ya.

  119. i keep thinking… this has gotta be an April’s Fool Joke… yet its Halloween, not April…

    man, real sad to see this site go… i haven’t read comics for some time before i found out about this site, and managed to get back up to speed on DC.

    it was fun. really fun. i’ll really miss clicking to this site on my favorites list.

  120. I’m new here, found your site few months ago. I’m a Japanese, live in Japan. In Japan, I can get my comics several days later from America’s release date. So, I came here everyday, enjoyed your spoiler reviews, news, votes, and so on. I loved your reviews. I loved your thoughts for many stories, especially thoughts for Iron Man.

    I’m so sad knowing you’re quitting your web site.

    Please take care of yourself and your family.

    Many thanks for you and your great works. I’ll miss you. But I really wish you best.
    Good luck!

  121. Harsh. I stopped going to several poor comic sites because of the awesome quality and content here.
    I picked up several titles because of the reviews.
    This was a favorite site I went to daily.

    It’s a shame that time is a factor – if MS went to video, they’d never catch you on youtube or megavideo…

  122. Been here for 4-5 months and really enjoyed it man – I appreciate all of the work you put into the site.

    That said – as a single (widowed) father of 3 young boys I absolutely think you’re doing the right thing. Trust me.

    Best of luck and God bless.


  123. I am truly sad to see you guys go. Your site is, like the tons of posts above me say, terrific. It’s part of my daily web cycle, and I hope you guys know how great you make the place. Lots of luck in the future.

  124. Thank you for helping to revive my love of comics.
    Good luck with all that is ahead of you.
    You will be missed.

    Loyal Spoilerite from Texas.

  125. Teppo Koivukangas on

    Just found this site a week or two ago, and will be missing it already.

    No complaints from me for your choices, just wishing you good luck and good health. :)

  126. You and your site are single-handedly responsible for my re-entry into the world of comics after an almost 15 year hiatus. Thank you for the time, effort, and passion you brought to this site!

  127. I’m glad to see that this site has meant so much to so many from very different places. I’ve been back here reading since the announcement, and I honestly feel better about this loss because I know I won’t be out there alone saying “Oh you never got to see Major Spoilers now that was the greatest Comic site Ever!”

  128. Hey just wanted to say thanks for giving us all that you have and helping us with news for our podcast. Hate to see you go, there will be 5 more min that I have to get work done instead of enjoying a few comic reviews. Thanks again you will be missed!

    Rustin and Skyler
    Reset Radio PodCast
    Loyal Spoiler Fans from Utah

  129. Hey Stephen, I’ve been a fan of your page for the past 6 months and it’s been really helpful since I live in Colombia and we really don’t have that big a market for comic books. Sure, you may find last month’s Action Comics on the local bookstore, most places don’t like to bring in all the good stuff afraid it won’t sell. So basically we don’t have a comic book reading culture here. Well, long story short, I have to ship in my comics, hence I have to be very selective cause that stunt’s worth 3-5 times more than your average US$2.99

    I really want to thank you for your work on this page for the last year. I mean, having the chance to see beforehand the content of the comics has been a HUGE help for me and allows me to ship the ones I like and follow the storylines that have my full attention. For a fan like me, you’ve been a real life savior in a place where comic books are not that easy to find. THANKS

    I totally understand your reasons to close this site and I share them. Family comes first and I specially support the idea of being able to enjoy comics as comics and not as work. Keep enjoying these and make sure you have fun. I hope your kid shares your love the comics lol. I’m hopping someday to finally be able to make a fanfiction comic and I would love for you to give me your comments about it, just for fun. hehe.

    Well, Adios and have fun.

  130. Discovered the site about four months ago, your reviews kept me in the know about what is going on in the comic world. I’m very sad to see you go but family is more important so I wish you GodSpeed my friend.

  131. Hey Guys,

    I’m a father too and I completely understand why you’re making the decision to shut this down — and I applaud you for it. This is similar to the reasons why I’ve had to move to not blogging as much. Thank you very, very much for the wonder content you’ve created this past year pluis.

    That said I’d encourage you to register majorspoilers.wordpress.com and import your content over there (WordPress can backup your content pretty easily and then you can readily import your content into WordPress.com). Images will likely be harder but I think that’s still doable — just move over your wp-content directory.

    I totally get that Matthew has not the funds for hosting at present — but WordPress.com is 100% free and this would preserve your options should one or both of you decide to return to this in the future. Your writing is great and I’d hate to see it flow into the great bit bucket as too many blog entries often do.

    Just my .02.

    Thanks again.

  132. I’ve been following your site for about a year, and would just like to thank you–Your excellent reviews renewed my love for good comics. Good luck with everything, and I kind of understand your situation: stories are wonderful, but it’d be a shame if you didn’t fully live life out fully–which is what the best stories are about, anyway.

  133. All said this was one of the best sites to view industry info. I even checked Major spoilers over newsarama. Best of luck in all your future works.

  134. I’ve been coming to this site for the past year, and can easily say that it has been my favorite comics-related site for that time. It’s consistently better-written, with consistently stronger content than most other sites I’ve seen. And every once in a while, you might even see a nipple. I will generally miss this site, and will probably shed a tear to take it off my bookmarks toolbar.

  135. More power to you and I hope this turns out as good as you want it to. If you decide however to keep up the Legion histories and farm them out to an existing Legion site, I’ll support that too…

  136. Not to keep beating a dead horse on this board, but it’s great to see so many supporters coming out for you guys. I knew you had a lot of readers, but most response totals rarely went into the 40’s or 50’s and some got no responses at all (usually the Archie Comics posts, but I swear I read those for some reason!)

    It’s heartening to know that so many people enjoyed the same site I did (and, you know…read the Bat-Dickness scale, perhaps my greatest contribution to society.)

    Once again, Excelsior and good luck! And in the name of Major Spoilers, I forgive DC, Marvel, and any other companies who may have leaned on you to cause this all-too-final outcome. The vendetta is removed.

  137. Guys,

    Like several other first-time commenters here, I only found your site a few months ago, but it immediately became a daily read. The quality of your writing was a pleasure, and your humor often made me laugh out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed the reviews and the Hero Histories, and I’d actually forgotten how much I loved the preboot Legion so long ago.

    Godspeed to both of you, and thanks!

  138. I only recently learned about Major Spoilers earlier this summer. Now, it’s going away. This saddens me as I’m not sure of what to browse while killing time at work…or when I’m at home for that matter. Your Hero Histories have always been amazing, the reviews have been sharp and dead on, and I always get a chuckle when I see “Tom Welling” used anywhere on the site. Good luck to you guys.

  139. Dave (Matter-Eater Man....) on

    I don’t tend to post much (guess I’m shy…and a lurker), but I wanted to get my e-mail address in here, and to add my sentiments…..

    I, too, am a fairly recent Spoilerite. I found your site following a link from a Wiki entry on LoSH. With them there Legionnaires (pre-boot?) being one of my favorite all-time comics, I felt like I’d found some kindred spirits. The Hero Histories were (are!) great, and I especially loved getting the history on good ol’ Tenzil Kem (my waist-line, lately, reminds me of M-E Lad eating his way out of the Stalag).

    Anyway, as a dad with several young-uns, I have had to give up on some “extra-curricular” activities myself, and it is always worth it. Hopefully, I’ll find some of your great writing elsewhere on occasion. As others have said here, there may be other sites with comics-related content, but none of them measure up. I hope all the kudos posted here give both of you some salve for this wound.

    Btw, I thought I’d also add that another great element (not sure if anyone has mentioned) are the one-liner subtitles (follwoing the “Or”…). Always good for a wink, nod, and laugh.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  140. Dave (Matter-Eater Man....) on

    Ok, this post is totally self-serving (feel free to delete). I wanted to put in a 2nd e-mail address….

  141. Last straw: moving you from my ‘read weekly’ to my ‘read daily’ favorites! I think everyone here has said it. But I’ll say it again: what a cool, informative and plain excellent site you guys built. You should be proud of what you’ve done. Think of how many websites are out there. You built one that jumped out at us.

    And as a longtime LSH fan who stopped buying comic books many reboots ago, I sincerely thank you for the hero histories.

    Wish you the best!

  142. WordPress???? Didn’t you realize this WAS a wordpress site? Just not the sloppy hosted kind ;)

    I wish I could move the content, but there in lies another bigger issue. One of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of things.

    The content may return one day, but not now.

  143. So the time’s coming slowly… Sadly, I’ll be unable to be here during Major Spoilers’ very last moments. So, one last time: your work was wonderful and I wish you best of luck. Those were good times :)

  144. Dear Stephen,

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though I haven’t comment much, I have fallen in love with your site. You have no idea what you’ve done for me and hopefully others. You opened my eyes to the world of comics. Before, I had known about comics, or rather known they existed, but never read any or owned a single issue. When my friend showed me your site, I thought I would give it a shot. From that moment on, I’ve been checking your site daily. I spend more and more time and money at my local shop. I’ve made some lasting friendships there, and I have you to thank for that. I understand why you are shutting down the site and was once in a position like that myself. I wish you the best in whatever you do. And I thank you again, for my lack of money and bookshelf full of comics, my gaggle of geeky friends, and the memories and articles.

    Your loyal reader ’til the end


  145. Man, Im really gonna miss this site. Im not in a position to buy all these weekly comics ans this kept me up to date with all my favorite titles. Cheers for the treats, spoliers and reviews.

  146. Ah, man! I don’t know what i’ll do without you guys! I found you a few months ago and you are the reason I started reading comics again which I haven’t done since the mid 90’s. But I respect your decisions and wish you well with what awaits you in the future.

  147. Stephen and Matthew,

    I always wanted to post compliments on your writing. It was witty, entertaining and informative. Dragged my feet though.
    Now I will never have a chance to compliment you guys some more.
    I echo all the “this was the best comics site I read.”

    You all take care and maybe we will see you in the future in some other place.

  148. damn major spoilers im gonna miss you, i am a loyal spoilerete(is that right)? you see all the love you’re gettin out here, love peace and hair grease.

  149. Hey, I totally enjoyed your reviews. I will miss reading the site daily. I understand the amount of time it takes to dedicate to a site, and I appreciate everything you guys put into Major Spoilers. Kudos guys. Thanks for the memories.

  150. Sorry to see it come to this. Great site that got me back into comics after 20 years.

    Th references to history in the writing was a great way to come back up to speed with the DC Universe.

    If it helps please advise the powers to be at DC that this little black duck would not have bought the trades for JLA, Superman/Batman, GL and BOP without being re-introduced to those characters via your site.

    Best wishes and hope to see your creativity back on the Interweb in the near future.

  151. Well just because the site is now mounting up to head into of into the sunset doesn’t mean all comic related stuff needs to stop. Given the very verbose exchange involving Tigra’s beating I thought I pass along this link from the DC boards. A poster there went through and using Bendis’s original script changed the sequence. I think it really illustrates how awful the beating was when you see how it could have gone. Not that this changes my mind on the subject, I’m still dropping NA (especially now because I’m guessing that they are the reason for the end of our beloved site here). And with it Marvel will now not get any of my money. But it’s interesting too see how an ameteur can without polish change what happend.


  152. Guys,

    When the site went down for a few days, I was lost. I felt like I lost a good friend. I check your site several times a day. I had finally found a site that loved comics like I do and offered reviews from a fans point of view. Now that you guys are going away for good, well, all I can say is that I’m very, very sad.

    I thank you for all of your hard work. The Legion Hero Histories were one of my absolute favorite parts of your site, and I hope you are able to “Reboot” them somewhere else in the future.

    We will all miss you very much, but I personally respect you for realizing what’s truly important in life. I pray you’re able to spend more and more time with you family in the coming years. Mason needs you a lot more than we need our Hero histories!

    God Bless!

  153. I saw the news almost as soon as you posted it and have been putting off posting ever since. There is just so much that I want to say, but I just cant say it all. You all have been wonderful, plain and simple. Everyone has already said so much, and it is all true. All of the other sites are peons in comparison to this one. Major Spoilers has been a big part of mine and so many other peoples lives. I have all kinds of ideas of what you could do to keep on going , the options are only limited by our creation and vision, but I know when all is said and done that it is your site and you have already made up your mind. Numerous visits a day, ok who am I kidding, numerous visits an hour, hundreds of visits a day will be greatly missed. Ahhh I just cant put into words my frustration, and I know this is true for a lot of others. This site brought so many great things into all of our lives, many of which have already been stated and others which will be remembered and mourned for over the next few months. It is especially going to be hard over these next few weeks, and especially when things start to heat up with the up coming Final Crisis and other events happening in other companies. I could rant and rave all night long, this post would be endless. This will really be a long halloween. Ive been reading everyone else’s posts and I wsih all of you the best of luck in everything you do. Enjoy anything and everything you can about comics, and when you are reading something and you have a strange feeling it the pit of your stomach and a feeling of sadness, just smile and remember the joy the Major Spoilers used to bring you and how great it was. I salute you Major Comics, the best news and comic review site ever, no site will ever come close to you. That is unless you return…

  154. Thank you for the last several months I’ve had to enjoy the site. And I understand completely; you need to enjoy family now, and not have any regrets several years from now.

  155. I discovered the site and have been in love with it ever since. I hate to see it go. It is the best in the industry. The other majors come no where near the passion that you have put into it. I dont want to make this long because it only drags out the pain more. If you ever decide to come back even part time, it would be wonderful. We would love to experience your love of comics again. You are one of the main reasons I have continued and gotten back into the comic book collecting again. We love you man. We wish you the best.


    If anyone can take over for you pass the torch to someone that is going to do just as good of a job.

    Much love,
    Eric Berry

  156. I gots my ribbon and test mail. We’ll miss you fellas a lot. But we’ll survive. It’s what we do. Long live the Legion fandom.

    Bye guys ;;;;;_;;;;;

  157. Since I first discovered the site about a year ago, I found myself checking it several times a day. I am certainly going to miss what has now become a regular part of my life. Just wanted to express my appreciation. If you ever decide to come back online, drop a line. Good luck with everything. All the best, Mike

  158. alexandru sebe - romania on


    For the last three months you were a guide for the comics I read.

    Take care of you and your family, I know the feeling. I gave up about two years ago at my personal dream: to become a comic book artist for my family, wife and child.

    And thank you again for all.


  159. Nu Said I have all kinds of ideas of what you could do to keep on going , the options are only limited by our creation and vision, but I know when all is said and done that it is your site and you have already made up your mind.

    Nu, the issue isn’t what I can do to keep the site going. When I started Major Spoilers it was set up to show that talking about comics doesn’t have to be a boring dry ad-laden experience. As many have pointed out, this site did do that with the personality, thought, and especially spoilers.

    However, when there are forces at work to prevent me from providing the same level of quality you have grown to expect from Major Spoilers then the site loses something. Take a look at the early comments in the Spider-Man review and see how people were beginning to wonder what was up. And it’s not just Marvel that has had a problem. If you go back through the site, you’ll see numerous posts and images have been removed at some point over the last several months dealing with everything from The Dark Knight movie, to Transformers, to reviews.

    Having our legs knocked out from under us is no fun, and being constrained over what we can write about, not write about, and what we can and can not show means I can’t deliver that Kick-ass experience anymore. If that experience is gone, I’d rather bow out than offer a site that is a mere shell of what it was or what it could be.

    Don’t know if that answers all of the lingering questions, but that is about as much as I can get into at this point without pointing all the fingers and laying all the cards on the table, which I’m sure would make even more people angrier at myself and Major Spoilers than they are now.

    I’m in a bit of a rant mode this morning, as this is the last day.


    Stephen Schleicher

  160. Thank you very much.

    I travel a lot and America comics are nigh-impossible to find abroad. This site was my sole means of staying in the loop so far as my beloved comics were concerned. Thank you very much for your work.

    Once, I was in an inhospitable country and tried to commit suicide. I decided to surround myself with as much as I could with what I loved from home. I couldn’t get comics, but that was how I found major spoilers. It kept me informed about what was going on in these universes that had nurtured me so much in my formative creative years. I am in your debt.

    Again, thank you.


  161. I’m sorry to hear that your site would be closed down. This site has been instrumental in bringing in my interest in comics in general. Hearing that you will shut down this site is saddening but I can see your point. Good luck and thank you for the great reviews.

  162. im sorry and sad that the site is going down :( , where im going to get my comic related news????? i really like the site

  163. I don’t really hate anyone, Stephen. Just a little sad. Not sure where to go now.

    I hope for the best for both of you.

  164. Stephen and Matthew, I, for one, am not angry at you or at Major Spoilers; I’m angry at the ever-growing corporate mentality that sucks all the fun out of what was supposed to be entertainment and hates its own fandoms (probably because their fans show more creativity than they do :-B ) I’m also angry at bandwidth price-gouging practices that mean a site’s success is also frequently its killer (yep, I noticed the finances mentions and am not unfamiliar with what that often means) Sure there are plenty of sites for comic news and reviews, but the tongue-in-cheekiness of yours made them all the more enjoyable.

    Matthew, I have to thank you specifically for the Hero Histories, which are, as everyone else is saying, one of the things that made this site utterly unique. I found the site by stumbling across the Brainiac 5 HH, and stayed. Most people doing an HH-type of thing would choose the biggies. Who cares about the Legion of Superheroes? You do, and your way of pulling comprehensive entries out of all of the continuities and reboots is exactly what every LOSH fan has been looking for (well all right, it’s what *I* was looking for ^_^ )

    I guess what everyone here is saying, is that MS has given us 150% of our daily dose of “OH HELL YES!!”

  165. Cesar Alvarado on

    Hello! Im sad that you are going to shutdown the site but glad for all the moments in comics that you gave us, im from Mexico and i dont have access to the comics this was my keep up with them.
    Like dvallej where im going to get my comics :(

    Good luck and thank you!

  166. As a hobby-blogger, I understand the daily demands of family that can make posting difficult. My readership only consists of a few friends and some family, though, so I’m under no real pressure.

    I can appreciate your decision to move on. MS will be missed, and it was a real fun ride.

    On the other hand, merely commenting on a post at MS would usually spike traffic at my own blog, so thanks for that as it will be missed.

    Nice work Matt and Stephen. Onward and Upward!

  167. I keep coming back to see if you changed your minds about shutting it down. Still it’s understandable with the problems you’re having with the companies, even though it’s quite a loss. You guys did a great job, and you made me actually like the LoSH, when I’ve disliked them for so long.

  168. Too bad.

    I’m in my mid-thirties and hadn’t actually read a comic in 17 years. Started reading them again mainly because of Major Spoilers (and Josh Whedon, I must admit).

    I actually do get that companies such as Marvel/DC might be a bit upset, what with the whole copyright infringement-thing and what not, but still… I would have never have gotten that much back into it (i.e. buying comics) without a mature site like MS.
    I say “like”, but there’s really no equivalent site in quality or tone. Official sites just give me headaches.

    In absence of MS and it’s insightful reviews I will buy less comics in the future, as other in my demographic (worldwide: I’m writing in from Holland, mind you) probably will too. Which doesn’t make for good business at all now does it?

    So, a bit sad and a bit stupid.

    That you won’t continue the site no a lower quality basis is admirable on your part.

    Thanks for the great read over the past year. You will be sorely missed.

  169. Just wanted to stop by one last time. I won’t be able to check in again today and you will be gone tomorrow. Thanks again for all the reviews/news/etc. It was a nice break from work to stop by and take a few moments to get caught up on everything hapening in the industry. All the best to you both and your families.
    take care,

  170. As Tenzil would say…”this bites.”

    Sorry to see you go; you were a “several times a day” stopping point for me.

    Thank you for the time you invested in this project – the ‘net will be a poorer place for its passing. You will be missed.

  171. Stephen, I know, I know. Im just in denial. I dont want to go through the Major Spoilers withdrawls that I know i am going to go through. Good luck, and by all means bow out while you are on the top. Matthew, good luck to you too.

  172. I know this is my 5th good bye post, but hell I’m gonna miss this place and soon it will be gone. I got the email and was PHSYCED, even though Captain America is still dead.

    To echo other sentiments, I wish companies would stop fighting the free exchange of information, and see how it benefits them. As a single father of 3, my comic budget is severely limited, and only exists now that they are all out of diapers. There were many titles that I would have never even thought to look at, or shuffled my subscription list towards. I was boycotting all things DC until your GL/Sinestro Reviews. The Boyz/Black Summer, are two that I would have passed on simply because my comic budget doesn’t allow for random splurging.

    The New Warriors, Avengers New/non-New, the Bat-Dickness Scale (By the way Bat-Dick level 11 needs to be a picture of Iron Man), Holly Robinson…. no not that…., Buffy Season 8, man and I was really looking forward to Angel season 6……..

    This site is like an ongoing conversation that I couldn’t wait to get back too. Until the bitter end gentlemen…….

  173. I came across this site after typing in a google search for spoilers regarding the ridiculous story line that was then going on in the New X-Men line 7 months ago. I have to admit that I was instantly addicted. Stephen, you are an excellent writer. As my sister (who actually hates comic books put it), ‘He’s like literary cocaine… the Columbian kind; I just can’t get enough!’ After I finished looking at her with fear and trepidation, I smirked and nodded. I have to agree; your writing is like pure Columbian Cocaine, but with out any of the freaky-deeky side effects. Perhaps one day you will launch a new site. Though I enjoy comics and your specific brande of spot on wry coverage, if in this hypothetical universe your new site was about SPAM (the wretched ‘food alternative’) or even about Tapioca Pudding, I would still suscribe and read. Here’s to you and your future.



  174. I hope for the best with your families. I will deeply miss your site. I found it in June, and have checked it every day since. Your reviews were some of the highlights of my days, as very few of the other comic sites I go to review Nova and Iron Fist. Without your guidance, I would have never picked up Iron Fist. Thanks for the guidance. I wish you guys the best of luck.

  175. Sorry to see this site go, as it was one of my favorites. I hope at some point you can revel some of the legal issues which caused this. Take care!

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