Marvel has announced Mighty Avengers #1 has sold out at Diamond, prompting the company to go back to press. The new cover features one of the splash pages from artist Frank Cho.

The 2nd printing will be available April 4, 2007.

You know what to do…



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  1. Awful, awful, awful…

    If I wasn’t considered this comic (which I flipepd through in a Collectors Choice place in Gloucester) is obviously meant for younger, inexperienced readers, I would have condemned it to the Pit. Look at It: oversimplified art (sausage fingers? On Iron man? Puh-LEASE), moronic plotlines (oh yes, a bunch of Monsters burst out of New York Sewers w/ Mole Man. That is an entirely new concept to us, right? Right? WRONG), a roster made entirely of Heroes who everyone despises or doesn’t give a damn about (except maybe Ares), and the rebirth of several old comic trends:

    *Having a Speech Bubble on the Cover – hearkens back to the Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby age. All well and Good, but NOT what we wnat here. it ruins the whole focus of the cover.
    *Similarly, the credits and title on the splash page – no style, no originality. Yellow clashing on red, with a little circle containing a lowercase ‘the’. Ugh.
    *THOUGHT ****ING BUBBLES. And used in the most Horrible way, as a sort of surrogate for Captions so as to impress the ‘old-school’ whiners. Oh yes, Tony is bound to say out of the blue ‘You’re now running the Avengers’, and Ms ‘Queen Bitch’ Marvel’s response is bound to immediatley be ‘Aagh!’ in a thought bubble.

    I’ve got to hand it to Bendis, he’s created an entirely new style of writing. Put all your Good stuff into two books, and then pour all your bad stuff, along with everything that a minority wants, into one big melting pot of comic book awfulness, and watch another paycheck roll in from the response.

    Not to say I don’t like Bendis though. Far from it – I’m just going to be picking up New Avengers & Ultimate Spider-Man TPBS, and shunning every TPB of this I’m unlucky enough to come across.

    Heh…a thought…I’m expecting that when the MA run into the NA, someone’s bound to say, ‘Wait…is that a steam cloud coming out of your head? God…you really ARE insane.’

  2. Matthew Peterson on

    I have to say I didn’t mind the use of thought bubbles, though I dislike greatly the combination of Bendis dialogue with contradictory Bendis thought-bubbles. The art is… meh. It’s Frank, which means some of it is brilliant, and some of it looks like it was smacked together so he could get on with inking the sexy girls.

    The whole “We need a Thor. We need a Wolverine.” bit, while enlightening, bugs me, in that the characters stop talking like a brilliant military strategist and a genius inventor, and start talking like two little Brian Michael Bendises.

    The worst bit, for me, is the hugely unbalanced team structure, with FIVE super-strong bruisers, and little in the way of defensive or passive skills.

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