Imperial Briefing Room” Captures Classic Moment from A New Hope

Just in time to mark the 30th anniversary of one of the world’s biggest film and merchandising franchises, Hasbro Toys will reunite the commanders of the Galactic Empire’s most formidable weapon — and invite Star Wars fans everywhere to their meeting with the Star Wars: “Imperial Briefing Room” Previews Exclusive Action Figure Pack, the latest addition to a growing line of Previews Exclusive Star Wars toys offered by Diamond Comic Distributors.


The new set continues a successful relationship between Diamond and Hasbro Toys that has brought fans of the Star Wars films a number of toys and collectibles available exclusively through Diamond’s monthly Previews catalog, including the best selling Jawa Sandcrawler and Bounty Hunter Action Figure Gift Set.

The 3.75″-tall figures in the Star Wars: “Imperial Briefing Room” set re-create the classic scene from Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope in which Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader plot the demise of the Rebel Alliance with the Death Star’s Imperial officers. In addition to Vader and Tarkin, the seven-figure set contains figures of Admiral Motti (loosening his collar as Vader chokes him with the Force), General Tagge, Chief Bast, Officer Cass, and Colonel Wulff Yularen, along with blasters and, for Vader, a lightsaber.

The set features window-box packaging designed to reproduce the Death Star briefing room from the film, and bears the distinctive “Previews Exclusive” logo on the front panel. It is scheduled to ship in January 2007, in plenty of time for fans and collectors to begin celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars’ original 1977 theatrical release.

Fans can find this and other great products based on today’s most popular movie-based toys and merchandise at their local comic shop, or by contacting the Comic Shop Locator Service toll-free at 1-888-COMICBOOK (1-888-266- 4226) or online at


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