It’s one year later and Robin has returned to Gotham. No sooner does the issue kick off than Robin is framed for the murder of Batgirl. But not all is as seems. You better believe there are major spoilers ahead.

Note: Because I haven’t updated this site in quite some time, I’ll be reviewing story arcs instead of individual issues, until I get all caught up. I think you’ll like it better this way…

Robin 148: Boy Wanted
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Karl Kerschl
Inkers: Karl Kerschl and Prentis Rollins

This issue kicks off with a bang, or should I say Krak as we join Robin in the heat of battle. Blinded by the light, he only has one option – throw where the legs should be. Two good hits take the unknown assailant down, but Robin soon discovers he’s taken out Batgirl.

Or so we are led to believe in these first four pages. By the time the commercial is over (aka annoying ad), Robin pulls the mask away to reveal Lynx; dead for almost three hours. Robin’s been set up to be the fall guy and put a blemish on costumed do-gooders. Robin narrowly escapes the cops who show up on the scene to tend to his wounds at Wayne Manor.

During his brief conversation with Alfred, Tim does point out that he is a pretty good detective himself, and plans to solve the case. This is exactly what I was hoping for in this OYL kick off; more of Tim being a sleuth and less time fighting along side some secret army corps. Remember, Tim became Robin only after using his brains to figure out Batman’s identity.

Speaking of Batman, Tim goes to meet his mentor and let him know Cassandra Cain was not in the costume. Batman provides the best line in the issue.


Whatever happened during their time off seems to have strengthened the bond between Bruce, Tim, and Dick. Tim levels with Batman and basically says, “If you trust me, let me solve this murder on my own.” To which Batman agrees. Not only has one year passed, Tim Drake is becoming a man (17 years now). As the dynamic duo part we get a shot of Lady Shiva. We know she is now a part of Birds of Prey, so it is a bit strange to see her appear here. Is she the one who set up Robin?
If Robin is going to solve the murder, the clues must lie with Lynx’s body, which means he must break into police headquarters’ evidence room.

Also revealed in this issue is the death of Nyssa Al Ghul. While she could have been killed by any assassin who has a beef against her (see other Infinite Crisis issues), her apparent death here is key to the story.


Reaction – great issue. The story moved along without dragging, setting up what hopefully will continue to be the type of story told in these pages. This issue unveils Robin’s new costume, but because he is only in Robin mode for the first couple of pages, we don’t get to see everything that’s been changed, other than his cape. Art in this issue is really nice. I like the cartoony type drawing that keeps the shape of the figure while still giving them a fluid movement.

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  1. …I’m amazed anyone can read the first arc and not go ‘WTF!?’. Cassandra Cain turns evil because she has a half sister she never knew about. That’s logic that wouldn’t stand up in the Silver Age. And that’s ignoring the fact that in Batgirl’s final arc, she learned about Cain training other kids, but didn’t much care.

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