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In this issue: $3.99! Too much to pay for a comic… or FAR too much to pay for a comic? The mysterious troubadour revealed! Two men will enter, one man will leave, but both men will make more money than all three of us put together. Also on tap: News you can use, reviews to he’p you choose, the pop culture blues, Deadpool’s dancing shoes, ain’t go no Tom Cruise, and the dreaded Ess- Ee-Ecks gets dragged out of the backseat of the Yaris and into the light, as we look as Super Happy Adult Fun Time Activities in comic

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Red 5 Comics

Red5 Comics let Major Spoilers know it has a brand new mini-series coming our way this July that features everyone’s favorite undead brought to life (no pun intended) in a whole different way – Zombies fighting our battles. Air-dropped into the deadliest hot zones, the walking dead of ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION indiscriminately infect every last warring insurgent — on either side of the conflict. Specifically engineered to be photosensitive, once enemy infection becomes complete by dawn, both the originals and newly created zombies dissolve as a means to control widespread and accidental zombification. This allows live soldiers to

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