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The never-ending battle can get long and take a massive toll on the hearts and minds of our imaginary super-powered pals.  And sometimes, even a superhero wants to just throw it all away…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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This week I brought home the last hardcover of Grant Morrison’s Zenith series, which I’ve discussed in this column and reviewed before. I was elated! I remember reading this 2000 AD tale years ago and being blown away by it! It still is ahead of many comics coming out today! I was poking around online to see if other people were as happy as I was. I did find some who shared my feelings, but I also found a perception that genuinely stunned me: “It’s too old to be any good.” In other words, it might have been great when

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IT’S NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! But what to read? The staff at Major Spoilers offers up its list of books they are looking forward to, and recommend you do, too!

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2000 ADFeaturedReview

It was in a Comics Portal column a few months back that I talked about the return of Zenith, the first Grant Morrison story I ever read. The first “phase” or volume has now been released, if somewhat late. It’s still worth discussing, so let me dive in and talk about a book way, way ahead of its time!

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I often like to say that Grant Morrison is like the little girl who’s great when she’s good, but awful when she’s bad. I’ve loved certain Morrison stories over the years, and I’m into The Multiversity from DC Comics as well right now. However, there was one Morrison tale that really drew me in back when it first arrived here in the States, and that was Zenith. I had to buy them in special editions from 2000 AD, and some were very hard to get! Recently, I discovered that this story was going to be reprinted with access to the

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