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Friday Sing-AlongGamingMusicVideoVideo Games

Though this segment is called the Friday Sing-Along, long time fans of these posts know that not every installment will feature actual singing. That is the case this week, as we take a listen to this jaw dropping piano performance by Kurt Hugo Scheider of his Zelda Medley.

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Kwanzaa and 2015 are just around the corner. Marvel comes out on top in another category. A Museum hits 10,000 and a few zombies look to do the same. It’s all happening on this week’s episode of The Want List!

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersThe Want List

This week on The Want List, a new twist on a classic game, a full-sized Captain America, and a custom ride fit for a Jurassic park!

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

Because I understand many of you can’t get enough of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, here is Geekapella doing what they do best… geekapelling it… or something…

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideoVideo Games

Who doesn’t like some video game music, especially when it features music from the beloved Zelda series?  The duo that comprise Frontier Ruckus decided to create their own medley, but instead decided to use a banjo and a saw.  That’s right, a saw.

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Friday Sing-AlongVideo Games

There are not nearly enough videos featuring cute girls dressed in elf costumes rocking it out on a violin. If you want to see more of Lindsey doing her thing, check out her website.

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GamingVideoVideo GameVideo Games

This is a tad weird, a bit funny, and a bit of a rip on the World of Warcraft commercials in the delivery.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayGaming

The Zelda video game franchise turns 25 years old this week, and to celebrate, here’s a giant-ass image of all the games.

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Major SpoilersPoll

We’ve had some really strange Major Spoilers Polls in the past, but I think this one takes the cake.  Major Spoilers reader Brad from New Jersey (don’t hold that against him) asked us to turn the tables to see who you would rather be rescued by. VOTE

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