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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: We get a bit political (but only because you asked us to), we answer mail, talk Dead No More, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Star Wars Rebels, Fight Club 2 #10, and ask the important question, “Form of water or animal?”. This episode of the Major Spoilers Podcast is brought to you by Loot Crate. Go to and use the code spoilers to save $3.00 any new subscription.

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Twins… they can cause so much trouble, and do so many great things. Some twins have the power to read each others minds, while others have a different connections… even powers. But what if your powers included the ability to turn into water? Or an animal?

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According to TV, Zan and Jayna (and space monkey Gleep) will be making an appearance in the 9th season of the CW’s Smallville.  The Wonder Twins are scheduled to pop up in episode 8, but don’t expect pointy ears – viewers will see purple outfits, and see the duo transform into a sheet of ice and a cougar (presumably the animal kind and not the older woman on the prowl for a still young(?) Tom Welling). That sounds cool, but what about another super-team appearance? There is one, and you’ll have to take the jump for that reveal.

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