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If you are wondering how Man of Steel and Batman v Superman tie in with one another, the latest trailer may give you a hint of what is to come in March.

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Zach Snyder appeared on Conan last night and dished news on the Batmobile, and shared an exclusive clip from the Batman v Superman movie with viewers.

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Breaking news out of H’wood today – Warner Bros. has hired Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman.

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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman, Warner Bros. unveiled a new logo for the Man of steel yesterday.

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How good of a job will Zach Snyder do as the director for Man of Steel?  This behind the scenes featurette focuses on the director and his drive to tell a story that seems real.

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A couple of weeks ago we learned that the script for the upcoming Justice League movie had been totally trashed and needed to be rewritten from the ground up.  With early press on the Man of Steel looking super positive, the latest rumor out of H’wood totally changes what Warner Bros. could be bringing to the table in 2015.

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