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I really don’t think the OK! is the source for the latest accurate news, but like the Eddie Murphy as The Riddler news, the UK mag is claiming Zac Efron will play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot.  If your High School Musical buzzer just went off, there’s also word that Vanessa Hudgens will tag along as Mary Jane. I’ll let you talk this one out, but remember, it’s still just a rumor at this point. via OK!

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Brian Michael BendisMovies

I know you are all just dying to know what project Zac Efron is working on next, and according to Deadline Hollywood, he’ll be working on Fire for Universal Pictures.  The movie is based on Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel that follows a college student recruited by the CIA.  Problem is, the program trains expendable agents. Bendis is writing the script. via Deadline Hollywood

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jonny questMoviesWarner Bros.

Rumors were bandied about last week that tweener heart-throb Zac Efron had landed the role as Jonny Quest.  The rumor looks like it is face in reports showing up on the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog.  The odd part is, it looks like Warner Bros. might drop the name Jonny Quest from the title of the film, for fearing it will be likend to Speed Racer. Here’s a tip H’Wood – it isn’t the name that put the negative conoation on the Speed Racer film, it was the lavish over the top stylized crapfest of a story the Wachowski brothers

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Mandalay Pictures announced it has snatched the big screen movie rights to the Japanese manga series Full Metal Panic. The property derives from writer Shoji Gatoh’s series about a teenage anti-terrorist commando named Sousuke Sagara who is given the mission to protect a high-school girl with mystical powers. Word being passed around is that Zac Efron may play the lead role, meaning the movie could very easily be a live action adaptation instead of animated flick. via THR

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