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All-AgesImage ComicsTrade Paperback

Those wanting to get their children addicted to comics, but wary of titles that may not be appropriate for the young’uns, might want to check out Image Comics Silverline Book’s Evil and Malice by Jimmie Robinson. “A definitive collection of EVIL & MALICE has been a long time coming and I’m very happy it’s with the folks at Silverline Books,” Robinson said in a prepared statement. “Over the years I’ve heard a lot of demand for a superhero series older readers could share with their younger siblings, nieces and nephews. Considering Shadowline’s continued pushes into the younger reader market with

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Arcana StudiosGreatest American HeroReview

Believe or not, they did make a comic book In my youth, I spent my summers running through the fields, firing up the newly purchased Commodore 64 and trying to defeat the Wizard of Frobozz, watching The Greatest American Hero on television, and singing along to my own 45 (that’s a record for you young ‘uns) of Believe it or Not. Jump forward 27 years and now I enjoy chasing my kid down the hallway, firing up the latest installment of World of Warcraft and trying to defeat the Lich King, singing along to Believe it or Not on my

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Many of you  guessed those cute cuddly Marvel heroes were indeed based on the Hasbro action figure line aimed at the young’uns.  Today, Marvel announces the Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! One-shot. Written by fan favorite scribe Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes) and featuring art by the can’t-miss team of Marcelo DiChiara & Chris Sotomayor, this extra-sized one-shot features all your favorite Marvel characters. Experience the Marvel Universe like never before, as the heroes & villains of Super Hero City clash in epic confrontations! Take a stroll down to the Xavier Institute, past the FF’s Baxter Building…but don’t stray

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Dark Horse ComicsThe Goon

When you’ve had a really long day, and you come home wanting to down a cold one, what could be better than reaching into your icebox (that’s a refrigerator for you young’uns) and pulling out a cold soda with your favorite Dark Horse character featured on the label. Dark Horse has announced a deal with Jones Soda to produce a limited edition six-pack featuring Eric Powell’s The Goon and Emily the Strange.  The Goon collection is available now, but only until the first 100 six-packs sell out, with Emily the Strange collection arriving on October 14, 2008. “This is a

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MoviesUniversal Pictures

Say What!?  Universal Pictures just cut a deal to bring that most awesome of ’70’s shows Sigmund and the Sea Monsters to the big screen.  Dana Gould of The Simpsons fame will be writing and producing. “Sigmund” originally ran on NBC from 1973-75, and the show was a staple in reruns on local TV stations for the rest of the decade. After the sea monster is booted from his home by his nasty brothers for being too nice, Sigmund is befriended by two friends who stash him in their clubhouse. As a wee lad, I remember going down to the

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