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“Should an intense young man, or a wild-eyed gentleman ever approach you and mention the word “Tunguska”, I want you to shoot them.” I didn’t realize my birthday and Christmas arrived on the same day this year, and I was even more surprised to discover that both of these major holidays fell in the last week of April.  Someone must not have told Hallmark about the change, but at least Red 5 remembered to send a gift in the form of Atomic Robo: Shadow Beyond TIme #1.

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Zenescope Entertainment

Former Philadelphia 76ers President Pat Croce knows a lot about pirates and their history. He founded the Pirate Soul Museum in 2005, and now he is teaming with Zenescope Entertainment to bring No Quarter pirate comic to print. NO QUARTER is a “hardcore and gritty pirate series unlike anything seen before.” says Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco.  The story follows Charlie Drake, a young man who finds that his bloodline is anything but ordinary then sets out to find a new life and in the process becomes a legend. Zenescope has announced a preview issue of No Quarter will be available

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The comic book series Emo Boy is headed to the big screen via John H. Williams Vanguard Films.  The movie will be written by the series writer-artist, Stephen Edmond and is being directed by Kyle Newman, of the upcoming Fanboys film. Emo is a fashion and music style as well as emotional description of someone who is overly sensitive or angst-ridden. Published by Slave Labor Graphics, the satirical comic followed the travails of the most self-dramatizing young man in the history of the world, whose emotions were so intense he even had “emo powers.” If you need further proof that

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MarvelSneak Peek

Who doesn’t love reading the classics? Now, who doesn’t love reading classic works of literature in comic book form? Marvel has been cranking out the classics in its Marvel Illustrated line, and next up is Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers. Marvel Comics has kindly sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the series that arrives June 11, 2008.

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With the ability to review comics comes a renewed desire to read comics, and I was really looking forward to the conclusion of this story. It’s been an interesting tale that once again put Wolverine, aka, Logan, in to a historical situation. The story is about love found and lost, revenge and seeking a measure of solace. And it would only work in a Wolverine story, and I think Vaughan knew that as well!

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DC Comics has announced it has made the first issue of Vertigo’s Northlanders available on its website for free. Northlanders Written by Brian Wood Art by Davide Gianfelice Cover by Massimo Carnevale Following the red-hot success of DMZ, Brian Wood’s NORTHLANDERS is a fresh take on the lore of the Vikings. NORTHLANDERS tells the epic tale of Sven, an exiled Viking prince who’s been living the decadent, high life in Constantinople — the 11th century’s answer to Las Vegas — but now must return to the desolate lands of his birth in the frigid islands of the North Sea to

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