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In this issue: It’s a cartoon wonderland, as we seek out braveness, boldity, heroism, and truthiness! Wolverine leads the X-Men (hopefully they don’t go into battle in a giant koala pouch!) New York Comicon! The Devil made Slick do it, at least as far as you know. And the Legion of Super-Heroes goes quietly into that good night… Again. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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MarvelSneak Peek

With Dark Reign’s effects being felt throughout Marvel’s 616, who will be willing to fight back?  Nick Fury may have the solution as he has assembled an all new crew of Secret Warriors in the form of the sons and daughters of super villains.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Secret Warriors #1 that arrives in February, but if you want even more information on the series, and what else is going on in the Marvel Universe, check out the Agent of Nothing website ( Nick Fury has been leaking some information all throughout the Marvel Universe

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Or – “Goggity Goggity Gog Gog Gog!” Gog gog gog goggog gogga gogga gog goglagog gog.  Goggity gog gog gagog gogger gogging goggle gogton gog, gog goggog GOG!  Goggoggog, gogala gog gog goggington goggo gog gog goggit gog goggery goggla gog.  Gog?  Gogex Gog gogs gogger goggle gogra gog gog gog. 

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Or – “Finally, We Find Out What The Deal Is With “That Little Spaceship Guy!” The Legion of Super-Heroes, throughout the decades, has taken influence from a lot of sources, and often those influences have had as much in common with Star Trek and it’s ilk as it has had with the Justice League or the Avengers.  Certainly the 30th century setting of the team has allowed the Legion to have had more non-human members (Blok, Tellus, Gates, even Dawnstar and Wildfire are quite obviously NOT your average super-goober) than any other super-team, and today’s entrant is one of the most inhuman of all.  Gates may

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