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The first issue of the Greg Rucka, JH Williams III Detective Comics series took off like a bang, with fans falling all over themselves trying to heap a big amount of praise on the work.  Detective Comics #855 arrives on store shelves on July 29, 2009, and DC Comics has released a sneak preview for you to check out.

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IDW PublishingReviewwebcomic

Adventure, Romance, Historical Fiction Some of you have probably read a romance novel or two, or you may be someone who gets lost in your own dreams.  Heck, you might even feel like you are living a whole other life in another place and time.  Even if you feel like you fit in one of these categories, you’ve got nothing on Beatrice Whaley – the Dreamer.

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I’m writing this review, moments after closing down the window for the review for X-Factor #34, and in doing so I am swapping from a bad book to a book that I have to give full marks too. Granted, any story that focuses solely on Layla Miller is definitely going to be awesome in my books, but Peter David and Valentine De Landro pulled off a miracle, and made it even better.

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DCHero HistoryInvisible KidLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “Some Are Born To A Legacy, Some Have Their Legacy Thrust Upon Them…” Last time ’round, we looked at a hero who was a literal younger brother of one of the founding Legionnaires.  This week, we look at a metaphorical brother of one of the earliest Legionnaires.  Lyle Norg’s death stands among the Legion’s greatest tragedies, and for many years the LSH was without an invisible member.  It took the return of one of the team’s greatest nemeses to create a situation where Lyle’s serum could once again save the day, with a little boost of courage, some

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It was not only a big step for Scott Summers, but a similarly big step for Marvel to set up X-Force with their own book. Now, four issues in, from my side of the fence, I think their decision has been rewarded by four well done books. Granted, give me a series on Wolverine and my biases may not necessarily allow me to see clearly.

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Hero HistoryReviewTop Cow

Or, “No, this guy was never an Avenger nor a woman named Rita…” In some of my previous Hero Histories, I talked a little bit about how Golden Age characters might make an appearance and never be seen again, or they could last through to today. While that was meant to be aimed at actual characters, it holds true for good names a well. You might recognize this week’s Hero History as a name belonging to one of Hank Pym’s various alter egos. Maybe you know it as a young ex-criminal named Rita DeMara who went to the future and

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