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Archie ComicsPress Release

There is other news today, but I have a feeling it will be overlooked.  Still, the world moves forward, as does Archie Comics with its announcement that it is offering digital versions of its comics on the PlayStation Portable.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Continuing the tradition of Silverline Books all-ages’ graphic novels like DEAR DRACULA, BRUCE THE LITTLE BLUE SPRUCE and  MISSING THE BOAT is Vicente Navarette’s take on a favorite pastime, KITE DAY!

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Or, “Can YOU find the Watchmen reference in this all-ages book?” Several years back, I had a really popular piece that made its way around a couple of message boards about how the Big 2 where ignoring the younger generation of readers. “If all the comics are aimed at adults, there is no place for kids to jump in and enjoy” was one of my main points, and at the time it was completely valid. Now that I am a new father, I have been sampling different comics in search of titles to start my 2 month old daughter’s collection.

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