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Boom Studioskaboom!teaser

Here’s a followup image from yesterday’s Abigail pic from BOOM! Studios.

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Poll of the Week
BBCDoctor WhoPoll

As the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who approaches, it is time to sit back and think about the best and worst villains of all time. While we can come up with lists (because everyone loves a list), it’s much more fun to have the baddies get in the ring in a no holds barred battle for galactic dominance. This week, it’s the Ice Warriors taking on the Yeti.

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If our Friday Sing-Along had you curious, here’s a look at what The Electric Company offered up to us young tikes back in the day. Narrated by Todd Graff, with Danny Seagren as Spidey, Jim Boyd as the Yeti, and Morgan Freeman as the policeman who wants to end the Yeti’s squashing spree. The groovy Spider Man theme song was composed by Gary William Friedman, and the vocals on this version were performed by the fourth lineup of the Short Circus. I forgot how many well known stars made appearances on TEC

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