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artDungeons And Dragons

For some reason, Dungeons and Dragons has been on my mind a lot lately.  And whenever I think of Dungeons and Dragons, I eventually start thinking about the D&D cartoon series from 1983.  Which of course lead me to searching around the Deviant Art website to look for a piece that struck my fancy. My fancy has been struck in this piece from Dave Perillo.

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Image ComicsPress Release

Press Release Yesterday evening on G4TV’s Fresh Ink, Blair Butler announced The Luna Brothers have officially begun work on the final arc of their long running action-packed revenge epic, THE SWORD. THE SWORD tells the story of Dara Brighton, a young woman who witnesses the murder of her family at the hands of three very powerful elemental beings who are after a sword in her father’s possession. In the aftermath, Dara attains the sword which gives her incredible abilities beyond her wildest imaginations. While the sword has thus far protected Dara in her quest for revenge, the final arc reveals

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