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Press Release Last night, Walt Disney Pictures teamed up with MySpace, along with cast members and filmmakers from “TRON: LEGACY,” for a huge party celebrating the upcoming release of the highly anticipated action-adventure. Walt Disney Pictures advances the world of “TRON”— 27 years have passed, and now, “TRON: LEGACY” is poised to offer a whole new generation of moviegoers a chance to experience a digital universe beyond imagining. Following the film’s unprecedented third appearance at the festival that started it all — Comic-Con International — fans had the opportunity to join in the celebration, as the film’s stars and filmmakers

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If you didn’t see the illegal Spirit Trailer that floated around the interwebnets yesterday, you are in luck as you can see the trailer in its official form over at Yahoo!Movies.  I’m still not sure the movie is going to be the super hit Sin City and 300 were.  It does have some lovely ladies, and I do like the Sand Seref stories that Will Eisner wrote, and Frank Miller has capture the noir look, but I’m not sure I’m digging on the look of the film just yet. What do you think? via Yahoo!Movies

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