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I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating! It’s really encouraging to see a lot of new, up-and-coming comics companies telling great stories. This month, I want to continue to focus on a great group of comics creators! In episode 154 of my Wayne’s Comics Podcast at this link, I recently chatted with two of the folks behind OSSM (pronounced “awesome”) Comics. I truly like what I’m reading from them, including Monomyth, Thaniel, Foster and Xenoglyphs. That last one was a miniseries leading into the book I’m reviewing this week, Separators.

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Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Thaniel, Foster, Monomyth, Xenoglyphs, Separators, Siike Donnelly, Omar Spahi, Brian Buccellato, Noel Tuazon, PJ Catacutan, Terry Huddleston, Eric Ninaltowski, OSSM
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This week, I introduce you to another rising star in the comics industry, the folks at OSSM (pronounced “awesome”) Comics. To learn more about them and their products, go to their website at this link! I talk with OSSM creators Siike (pronounced “seek”) Donnelly and Omar Spahi, who also are guiding the company into being another “up and coming” comics producer, ready to break into the mainstream by developing excellent comics filled with top-notch stories and art. We discuss their current books, Thaniel, Foster, Monomyth and Xenoglyphs, that latter miniseries leading into their ongoing Separators comic. You’ll want to learn

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Here at Major Spoilers, we like to take some time to look at the lesser known books. The smaller stuff that might slip by unnoticed by the average comic reader. This week I take a look at Xenoglyphs from OSSM Comics. Is it worth picking up? Your Major Spoilers review has the answer!

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