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X-Statix #13 Retro Review
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Elton John isn’t the only one who wanted to memorialize the late Princess Diana…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of X-Statix #13 awaits!

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Ten Things
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The 1990s were a very strange time in comics, an era where Spider-Man got himself a gun, Batman got razor-sharp claws and even The Flash went through a dark period.  (Managing to ‘run fast’ in a grim and gritty manner is putting in the extra effort, Faithful Spoilerites!)  Still, the biggest contribution the decade made was a sea change in the way our favorite heroes were named…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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With Daredevil poised to hit Netflix and Marvel poised to develop their streaming properties there are lot of exciting possibilities for characters and teams to come to the small screen that didn’t exist even two year ago. With that in mind, Major Spoilers humbly present you with Top 5 Comic Properties Marvel Needs to Develop for Netflix:   #5. HEROES FOR HIRE “But, there’s going to be a Defenders series!” Sure, that’s awesomely well and good, but imagine this as the first team-up between Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, very street level and using Jessica’s office they create

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