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Blackest NightDCRyan OttleyZombies

When it was unintentionally leaked through Previews that two of the Black Lanterns in the upcoming Blackest Night storyline were going to be Kal-L and Martian Manhunter, one has to wonder if Ryan Ottley saw the writing on the wall when he sketched this Zombie Superman image way back in June of 2007. While the image doesn’t match the action figure solicitation exactly, it does make you wonder.  Wanna see Zombie Batman?  No you don’t…

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DCFinal CrisisGrant MorrisonReviewSuperman

WTF?  Seriously, WTF? I’ve let grant morrison run amok in the DC Universe for over a year now without condemning him as a mad man. I’ve questioned his methods, his writing, and his message, but never thought of calling the men in the white coats to haul him away for a serious examination of his head. After reading Superman Beyond 3D #2, I’m looking for a nut house that has an opening.

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Action ComicsDCReviewSuperman

The reveal’s been on the cover the entire time If you haven’t read Superman in a couple of years, now is the time to head back to your local comic shop and pick up all of the issues featuring the New Krypton storyline. It’s a compelling story that features Kryptonians, bad guys, good guys, political intrigue and a battle for the ages.    Action Comics #873 certainly lives up to its name by bringing the action as the New Krypton story wraps up.

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