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Boom! Studios has released its schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con going on next week in SoCal.  We’ve already mentioned Stephen Baldwin will be making an appearance to sign preview copies of The Remnant.  There’s also going to be zombie make up and a Drink Up!/Gay Pride party at the Hyatt. If you aren’t familiar with the recent issue with Doug Manchester, the owner of the Hyatt and his major donation to support Proposition 8 (only men and women can marry), you can read it here.  I say go to the Boom! Party to show your support for everyone.

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Boom Studioscomic conventionsan diegoZombies

After a day at the San Diego Comic-Con I’ve seen people shuffling around in a daze almost like they were zombies.  This year, thanks to Boom! Studios, you can actually get made up to look like a zombie thanks to monster makeup artist John Wrightson. What do you have to do to get this special treatment?  According to the company, simply buy a Boom! Studios Zombie t-shirt at the company booth (#2543).  The shirts cost $20 and feature the cover to Zombie Tales #3 by artist Shane Oakley. “It’s the perfect plan!  People will be paying us to turn them

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