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(San Diego, CA; February 26, 2009) — It’s a union based on super powers, learning your place in the world, and danger! In this latest collection of stories from the mind and pen of John Byrne, IDW packs two time-lost series together—Danger Unlimited and Babe. First up is the four-part Danger Unlimited, the first universe and characters Byrne created after leaving Marvel. In DU, the year is 2061, and long ago alien forces conquered the Earth, making sure to eradicate all humans with super powers to ensure their continued reign over the planet. But an unexpected survivor from the past,

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Or – “In Which Several Relationships Come To Unpleasant Ends…” In her relatively short life, Buffy Summers has dated a lot of inappropriate people.  Parker, the jackass frat boy.  Riley, the useless super-soldier with no personality what-so-fricking-ever.  Angel, a former mass murdering vampire.  Spike, a…  completely different former mass-murdering vampire.  (Y’know, for a while there, it seemed she thought her hereditary title was “Vampire LAYER,” nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean? Eh?  Eh?)  So, I don’t understand why anyone is troubled by Buffy’s latest choice of paramour…  After all, it’s not as though she’s known for being romantically level-headed.  In this

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