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All hail Darkseid! Alternate universe stories can be great because literally anything can happen. You can’t do that in a regular ongoing title because you want a reader to pick up the next issue and find it in almost exactly the same position as it was last month. That’s been part of the fun in reading Earth 2 since it first was released. You can make Alan Scott gay and explore his relationships while getting some good publicity out of it, for instance. You can have a different member of the Wayne family be Batman, and it lets you put

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DCEarth 2FeaturedReview

The fate of Earth-2 hangs in the balance as our heroes confront the man who nearly destroyed their world.  Your Major Spoilers review of Earth 2: World’s End #24 Review awaits!

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Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & director Edgar Wright are back for the conclusion to the Cornetto trilogy with THE WORLD’S END! Check out the new trailer & poster from the upcoming comedy opening in theaters on Friday, August 23rd!

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