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Robert E. Howard created a vast number of heroes and villains whose tales still reverberate across the comic book world today.  Two, Conan and Kull are very similar to one another (and for that answer, be sure to listen to Major Spoilers Podcast #30 for an in-depth discussion about Howard), but they are from different distant lands.  If the Cimmerians and the Atlantians put the two in a ring to fight it out, who would emerge victorious? FIGHT!

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I remember the first time I saw the modern LEGO minifigs – it was September 1978, and my parent got me the Space Cruiser set (the first of many space themed LEGO sets).  I loved the idea that you could actually pose these figures, have them fight, dance, and travel through your imagination. The LEGO(R) minifigure was first manufactured and packed into a LEGO set the morning of August 25, 1978. Children of all ages and LEGO employees around the world today commemorated the milestone by kicking off Go Miniman Go!, a movement that aims to inspire generations of LEGO

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