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Dynamite EntertainmentSolicitations

Dynamite Entertainment has announced the third spin-off series from its popular Project Superpowers series, will be Masquerade.  The four-issue mini-series will be written by Phil Hester of The Darkness fame, with art by Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita. “Project Superpowers is such an epic, larger-than-life event that I’m thrilled to be allowed a small role in the event,” stated writer Phil Hester. “I believe Masquerade will give fans of the larger series a look at what makes these characters work on a human level. Masquerade is both a secret origin and a personal memoir of earth shaking events spanning from

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Image ComicsSolicitations

Shadowline, an imprint of Image Comics, has announced it will release 20 years of Ted McKeever’s work beginning this October with his first collection Transit. “To think after 20 years that I would be returning to TRANSIT is almost abstractly absurd,” said McKeever in a prepared statement. “TRANSIT had become my personal holy grail, but now, with this collected hardcover edition, I can roam free of it’s gaping wailing and allow it to scab over while I move on to new roads.” Following Transit, Shadowline will release Eddy Current and Metropol. Each edition will feature the definitive versions of McKeever’s

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Boom Studios

Boom! Studios has announced director Walt Becker has created a new comic book for the company.  Written by Michael Alan Nelson, and created by Becker, Last Reign: Kings of War is a four issue mini-series of futuristic knights in a bleak world of tomorrow. “I love comics in the same way I love films – they both tell stories visually,” said Becker.  “I also love the loyal fan base, and with an idea this big, I wanted to not only conceptualize the world through pictures but also to build a grass-roots following for this entirely new universe.” LAST REIGN: KINGS

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