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Can’t let the Pulp Hero Art Appreciation Moment of the Week go by without featuring The Phantom.  This rendition is done by Daniel Campos.  While good, it’s just too bad his inspiration for today’s installment, came from watching Defenders of the Earth. Got the itch to doodle up this mess while watching Defenders of the Earth on DVD this morning before hitting the workload. I think this is maybe the second time I’ve ever drawn The Phantom but he’s really a groovy character. via Deviant Art

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I was as surprised and let down as the next person when I found out fave scribe Bill Willingham stepped down from writing Salvation Run. After reading his explanation, I’m ready to forgive. “The short version is that I got sick, and on doctor’s orders I needed to dial back my workload – specifically the most stress-inducing part of my workload – and picked the most likely candidate to give up,” Bill Willingham told CBR News. “There’s a longer version with more nuance, many more details, some interesting subplots, a few surprise dramatic twists and even a musical interlude or

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