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Image Comics

Here’s one that tops the myriad of sell-out issue announcements from Marvel – Image Comics is sending Viking #1 back to press for a second printing, even though the first issue won’t hit the shelves until April 22, 2009. Take the jump for the full press release.

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Sneak Peek

In this day and age of low press runs and mega-comic-corps blasting out tons of issues, it’s good to see the little guy get their moment in the sun.  Hays Entertainment has announced Leviticus Cross #1 sold out at the distributor level, and went so far as to claim the second issue is outselling the first. Rodrigo reviewed the first issue on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and it appears it is the word of mouth and marketing campaign set up by Hays Entertainment is working out for the company. “Every retailer received a preview of all five issues,” explains Leviticus

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Or – “All The Hatred May Be Somewhat Premature…” Brubaker and Fraction’s run on Iron Fist did what every relaunch really hopes to do: revitalize the character, revive interest in his stories, and add depth and versimilitude to the Iron Fist stories to date.  So much so that, when this new creative team was announced, pull list orders on the book (at Gatekeeper Hobbies, Huntoon and Gage, Topeka! Ask about our 70’s Vampirella black and whites!) fell by nearly half, and one of our more sardonic Spoilerites was heard to opine that the book will be cancelled within 18 issues. 

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