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See what happens when you don’t read all your comics the day they are released? Hey, I know this past week saw the release of Terra #3, but I realized when I sat down to read the issue, that I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading Terra #2.  Don’t ask me how that works, but needless to say, I think I was blinded by the incredible cover, and was temporarily mind warped into believing I had enjoyed ever page.  Now that the purple haze has cleared, here’s your belated review, with the Major Spoilers tease that is becoming more and

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First it was Invincible getting the animated treatment, now Warner Bros. is announcing something very similar. UPDATE: I just finished watching the 22 minute Chapter 1, and I must say it looks really good.  The images are taken from the graphic novel, and do include word balloons and the like, but what makes this one stand out is that the panels are animated, with the figures moving, and shifting through the scene.  The only thing that would have made this first episode better would have been if they could have gotten the character’s mouths to move.  Other than that, it

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Using a process developed Bomb-xx by Gain Enterprises, look for Robert Kirkman’s Invincible to make its appearance on the iTunes, mobile phones, MTV 2 and other places in the coming months.  Gain Enterprises takes scans from the original comic and then animates them (nothing too fancy that can’t be done in After Effects and some word balloons) for audiences. The first 12 episodes will cover the first four issues of the series.  Look for the first six episodes to hit the web during Comic-Con, followed by a wide release in August. You can check the first episode out at the

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